Verbs – What Am I doing?


What’s life been like for me lately?

Reading: There is too much on my reading list. I haven’t made reading as much as a habit as I want to. That’s why I’m still reading In a Sunburned Country. It’s actually a great (and hilarious) book! But this post gave me some tips on how to make it more of a habit… and a treatI am also reading on my phone, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking.

Wearing: Boots. I don’t know how I’ve gone without warm, comfy, fashionable boots for so long when I’ve lived in this climate all of my life. I had to hold myself back not to use a 20% off entire order discount that expires today at Aerosoles.

Feeling: Quite sad that my Pack had an ugly second half at yesterday’s NFC Championship in Seattle. They will not be SuperBowl bound.


Watching: A few shows in our DVR that include Downton Abbey and Top Chef. Though with football season ultimately over, there may be more movies on the horizon. The new season of House of Cards is out next month. My husband *might* finally be ready to get rid of (or downgrade) cable. Any tips to ween him? 😉

Listening: The Current. Who knew that Minnesota Public Radio could offer one of the Twin Cities’ best radio stations? I always find unique stuff here. The also offer a free track every weekday! I’ve been meaning to sign up for that…

Eating: I did a ten-day detox/cleanse/re-set of my own recently. While I don’t normally agree with eliminating foods from the diet (sometimes for physical, other times for psychological reasons), I felt a need to re-set my body and avoid some foods that I’d been overindulging as of late. This included sugar (including artificial ones), cheese, alcohol and refined carbohydrates. It was both challenging at times and easy at others, if that makes any kind of sense. Maybe I’ll go into depth on that one later. It was eye-opening and made me aware of some of my habits.

Planning: Our winter trip. This year we’ll be visiting a friend in New Orleans. I haven’t been there since 2002-2003 (New Year’s Eve), which was pre-Katrina. Any suggestions on favorite spots or activities are highly recommended!

Reflecting: On 2014. That was the year that I learned how to be happy. And it definitely is deserving of an upcoming post.

What are you doing?!



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  1. What am I doing? Trying to keep one foot in front of the other and trying not to cry every day. I go to bed and see my husband’s clothes hanging in the closet and I immediately start to cry.

    I need to get in the habit of reading again – I’ve been watching documentaries on my tablet before bed and that causes me to stay up too late!

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