I still have about a half dozen posts to finish off our September Australian vacation. But because my husband misses my Restaurant Impressions oh-so-much and I have several I’ve neglected to write, I’m going to throw a quick one in here because…

My brother is getting married this weekend!

Actually on Friday the 13th.

(That’s almost always been a lucky day for me!)

And Timsan’s is the first restaurant where Rob and I dined with the two of them and my parents altogether.

Timsan’s is a Japanese Steakhouse – you know, hibachi-style – on the east side of Green Bay, Wisconsin. And to be honest, I like it much better than the ones I’ve been to in some of the bigger cities, including Ichiban in Minneapolis.

Since shrimp is the appetizer, I almost always order the scallops and filet mignon. {I find the chicken at hibachi restaurants to be too dry.} The cocktails are mighty fine, too.

The fact that it is housed in an old A&W building gives it character!


{source: Timsan’s.com}

It became a tradition for a few years to all go to Timsan’s together the Friday after Thanksgiving when we’d go back to Green Bay for the holiday.

Until, one year…

…both Rob and I got sick.

I mean, really sick. Like stomach-flu, not coming out of the bedroom except to go to the bathroom to relieve the stomach pain. I don’t even know how we made it back to Minneapolis.

My cousin’s kids had been sick, so it’s probable we got it from them when they were over on Thanksgiving Day. However, because we ate at Timsan’s on Friday and both began to feel sick in the wee hours of Saturday morning, Rob has had an aversion to wasabi ever since.

So, when Timsan’s opened another location just a couple of miles from my parents house this past year {pretty much across the street from Townline}, I was surprised when Rob requested that we stop there for a drink and an appetizer one evening.

And I must say, these are some of the best potstickers the two of us have ever had!


I love when they are nicely seared like that. I also enjoyed a nice little Grasshopper with the bartender. Man, I haven’t had one of those in, maybe, 15 years!

Timsan’s turned an old white-walled sports bar into a very nice dining space. Rob vowed that it’s a place where we need to come back every time we are in Green Bay.

Now, if he ever gets the courage enough to try hibachi again is another story…

Do you have any food aversions because you associate them with a time you’ve been sick?



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  1. I worked at a property management company that was run by Hindu Indians – who felt that everything was God’s creatures, including cock roaches. I got a complaint from a tenant about cock roaches, and he pointed at the door that he thought they were coming out of – I knocked on the door and saw cock roaches everywhere and they were even crawling over the baby’s high chair table while she was eating – I couldn’t eat Indian food for about 20 years after that!

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