Pig Ate My Pizza: What’s All the Hype?


In December, it was my turn to pick dinner out with the girls. So I did. And I invited Rob. I love trying new pizza places in a group. Then you get to try a little of everything.

That’s why I chose Pig Ate My Pizza for our Saturday Night Out.

Plus, I had to know what the hype was all about.

It was a Saturday, so the 40-minute drive picking everyone up and making the trek up to Robbinsdale wasn’t a big deal. And they don’t take reservations; so we knew we weren’t in a time crunch.

Despite that, we did arrive about 45 minutes after opening to find a full-house with standing-room only while we waited.


A gentleman took my name and we were told that it’d be about a 40-minute wait. Those menus on the wall were helpful in trying to decide what we’d order during that time!


They had a decent selection of beer to sip on while we waited, too.


There were were little piggies every where – old ceramic pigs and piggy banks lined the shelves.


Not one shelf was left untouched…


Stuffed piggies were even hanging in a net from the ceiling high above us?


On what special occasion do they let those loose?!

When our name was called we were asked if it was okay for us to sit at the bar. Of course it was! Rob and I usually prefer that when we are alone. Still, it was hard talk with the four of us sitting in a row. Plus, it’s quite a noisy place, so that didn’t help! But none of us were really bothered by it. Just keep that in mind if you are wanting to go somewhere intimate. This isn’t really the place.

The menu changes daily. As you can see below, one of the pizzas has been erased. I’m guessing that was the Cider House Rules, the one that was raved about the most online.


You can watch them cooking while you wait.


And rumor has it that the lone carpet-walled booth has been dubbed the “Hot Tub”.


 We started with a few of apps to share.

{Apps are listed on a chalk board as well, it’s just not pictured.}


You know how I love me some burrata. This stuff was pretty decent. I liked the addition of fresh cracked pepper and olive oil but the surprisingly tasty part of this dish was the bread crisp-thingies. {Technical term, you know.} They don’t look it, but they were so flavorful!

Hog Tots

Hog Tots

I’ve never been a fan of homemade tots. Give me the crispy {even extra crispy} frozen ones any day. But these were much different. They were still a bit mushy, but inside was little bits of smoked pork! If you love smoked flavors, you just might be a fan.



My understanding that there is a different appetizer pasta every day. I’m not going to do our little tortellini any justice in terms of description. I seriously should have written down notes as we were eating. But where’s the fun in that?

This tortellini was divine. The flavors were refined and magical. They made my taste buds sing. I haven’t yet eaten at Travail which was once housed in this space. But I’m guessing that the tortellini gave me a taste of what I have in store. For the chef-owners of  Travail are the same ones that created Pig My Pizza.

As for the pizzas…

All pizzas are 10″. We each picked out one that sounded interesting and then we’d share them all.

And here’s the verdict:

Sausage and Mushroom

Sausage and Mushroom

All of the pizzas were Top Notch.

So believe the hype!



Originally, we couldn’t imagine this pizza. So Kim asked about it when she was trying to make up her mind. They grind the shrimp down, mix it with pepperoni spices {and maybe some pork?} and then make sausages out of it to be sliced into pepperoni. Yeah! Of course, not one Rob could eat, but interesting enough. Probably not one I’d order again, but very fun to try!

Piggy Pie

Piggy Pie

The Piggy Pie is topped with pork 43 different ways. Or 3. Or something. It’s rich and meaty. I remember reading one review that described this pizza something like this: “This is what Pizza Hut pizza would taste like if it were good.” I whole-heartedly agree with that statement! The crust is puffy and buttery and tasted like a very elevated version of it. Of course, the flavors were more complex, too. This one was a winner in my book. But I’m not sure I could eat a lot of it, due to its richness. But would I need to?

Big Cheeser

Big Cheeser

The Big Cheeser was the one I decided on, even though it sounded a bit boring. It was nothing of the sort! It ended up being Rob’s and my favorite. Rob talked about this pizza for weeks after.

The egg in the middle with a slightly runny yolk gave it a little extra sauce.

Then there was the parmesan foam served on the side.


I believe that container was gone before we left. The leftover pizza had to do without. And that was Just. Fine.

And since there is no menu online, I thought I’d share with you the lunch menu:


…because Pig Ate My Pizza really is worth it. Believe the hype. We’ll take the drive up to Robbinsdale if you want to go.

If you like pork, what’s your:

Favorite way to eat it?

Favorite dish to put it in?





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