Wally’s Roast Beef


After returning from all the festivities of my brother’s wedding in Green Bay, I began my 10-Day Reset to get myself feeling a little better before our next little getaway.

I can’t believe that our next little trip is coming up when I haven’t even covered all of our Australian Vacation of a Lifetime yet! Although, that was the biggest trip we’ve been on together, so there’s a lot to cover.

But yesterday, my boss told me to take my husband out to lunch. How could I say “no”? I do what I’m told when the boss says so! That’s when Rob decided to finally introduce me to Wally’s Roast Beef – a joint that he’s been raving about ever since a co-worker took him there.

The trouble is, they are only open for lunch 11am to 3pm – Monday through Saturday. Sure, we could go on a Saturday, but there is usually something else going on when we think of it. Yesterday was an unusual circumstance. Normally, I never have the occasion to meet anyone for lunch.

So this was the perfect opportunity.

You’ll find Wally’s in a little Office Park in Bloomington. Rob says that 11am, there is a line out the door!


Rob told me to trust him; he was going to order for me. So we walked up to the counter to do so.


But here’s the thing:

Rob ordered something not on the menu: The Smokey Beef. I asked Rob if that was the same as the Big Smokey, which is on the menu.


He said with a smile, “No. This one you just have to know about.” I still don’t know what the Big Smokey is. Now that I look at the menu again, I wouldn’t even know what I’d find on a Green Plate nor a Red Plate!

So in my hurried state, the only shot I got of this beloved sammie shows virtually no roast beef. Doh!


Instead, picture the roast beef sandwich below topped with melted cheese {perhaps smoked?} and bacon. Then you’ll have a Smokey Beef.

{Source: MNFoodBros.com}

{Source: MNFoodBros.com}

I know what you are thinking… Bacon, Carrie, BACON? I took it off my sandwich and ate it on the side. And that was Just. Fine. But I couldn’t get a Roast Beef Sandwich without horseradish! Rob was sure to order me some of that, too, along with a side of fries:


“It’s the best horseradish sauce, “ said our cashier as she promptly gave us those two little containers. And it was damn good – spicy and intense, just like I like it. I only used one!

Wally’s is a diner-type joint with lots of bottled sodas {including Buddy’s out of New Ulm} and a jukebox in the corner.


You’ll find the tiled walls decorated with a few old signs and miscellaneous extracurricular activity articles from Bloomington Lincoln High School.

People from all walks of life were lunching there on a Tuesday – a mom with four kids, retirees and businessmen in suits.

So, I took a break from my 10-day reset, which defeats the whole purpose of said reset. But sometimes you just need to live life and take an opportunity when it comes. No guilt. No regrets. And I didn’t tell myself I’d “start again tomorrow.” Instead, I returned to my reset with the very next meal.

When did you last seize an opportunity or do something completely spontaneous?



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  1. I’ve heard of Wally’s but never been – so maybe I’ll spontaneously go there and now I know about the secret menu option! πŸ™‚ Still trying to decide what to give up for Lent, so now I know it won’t be Beef! πŸ™‚

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