NOLA: Irish Pubs & Dive Bars


I know. I know… Today was supposed to be my post on my favorite meal in New Orleans.

But it’s St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s only appropriate to move this post on Irish Pubs and Dive Bars to today, right?

Back in 2000, when my friend Jen and I backpacked Europe, we started a tradition of finding an Irish pub in every country we visited. My husband and I carry on that tradition when we are traveling to this day.

Since I’ve been writing this blog, we’ve found them in St. Augustine, Gladwin, Australia, Las Vegas and, of course, many in Ireland.  But there, they just call them, well… pubs.

The last time I was in New Orleans, my friends Jen, Kim and I found this one:


We grew fond of it and went back there a couple of times during our week-long trip. It was also where we spent the rest of our evening with our new Aussie friends after ringing the New Year in Jackson Square.

I knew I wanted to find it again.

So we did. IMG_1622

We had a pint with our friend Javad there.  There was the usual Guinness, Smithwicks and Magners on tap, but also some local brews.


Notice those badges on the wall in back? Those are police and fire department patches from all over the United States. It’s tradition here!

On this trip, I learned that there is more than one Irish Pub in New Orleans. Javad kept bringing the name of one up, but I can’t recall it at the moment. And just a block from The Kerry is Ryan’s Irish Pub, where you can sit on a stool like this.

Ryan's Irish Pub

We found some locals hanging out here. That’s where we got some restaurant recommendations. Ryan’s offers even more local brews. I’ve always been a fan of the Purple Haze.


There’s also Molly’s at the Market


…where Rob had the best Hot Buttered Rum of his life.

And while we know that New Orleans has plenty of fancy cocktail bars, they also have a share of dive bars.

One of our friend Javad’s favorites is the Toulouse Dive Bar, appropriately named because it is on Toulouse Street.


You know you are someplace special, when the jukebox is a coffin and the loo is behind the bookcase.


Rob thought it was straight out of a Scooby Doo cartoon. This is the only way you’ll know where to go…


Toulouse is also where I had my first Irish Car Bomb. Whatever you do, please don’t order those in Ireland. {Trust me on this one.}

Then there is the Apple Barrel, located just below the Adolfo’s Restaurant on Frenchman Street. Adolfo’s does not take reservations; so you’ll most likely be spending your time down at the Apple Barrel while you wait. It’s tiny in here; but they’ve got music playing many nights of the week.

And somehow, someway, a Dangerous Man sticker was posted in the bathroom. I’m feeling pretty proud of our Minneapolis brewery here, in the bathroom nonetheless.


If you aren’t sure what to order to drink at the Apple Barrel, go with wine in a cup. Or, if you are feeling courageous, order a Sazerac, you’ll get it in any glassware they have available.


This one tasted just as good as I’ve had anywhere else in the city!

Speaking of dive bars… that’s where you are going to find my favorite meal of this trip. I promise that post will go up tomorrow!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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