Panera Power Chicken Hummus Bowl


I’ve been feeling great getting back into a routine of healthy eating and working out after all of the feasting and imbibing we did in New Orleans last month. Generally speaking, I have a rule about bringing my lunch to work and not eating out. We eat out enough on the weekends!

But a couple of weeks ago, on the way to a meeting, I went through a Panera drive-thru to get a coffee. On the menu I read: Power Chicken Hummus Bowl.

That item intrigued me and I thought I might be back for lunch!


I had a hard time finding it on Panera’s website when I was in search of nutrition facts. The reason? No, it’s not because it used to be one of their Hidden Menu items. I couldn’t find it because it is listed under Salads. I like the fact that it’s called a Power Bowl. To me, it sounds more exciting than a salad. But I guess you can call it one.

After reading the nutrition facts and ingredients online, there was no way I was not stopping for lunch on my way back to the office!


From Power Chicken Hummus Bowl – Chicken raised without antibiotics, cilantro jalapeño hummus, baby spinach, cucumbers, diced tomatoes and red onions, finished with freshly squeezed lemon juice and freshly chopped cilantro.

Nutrition Facts {Source:}:

  • 270 Calories
  • 10g Total Fat
  • 500 mg Sodium
  • 18g Total Carb
  • 4g Fiber
  • 27g Protein

That is for the whole salad! {You can order a half-sized version, too.} The sprouted grain roll you see on the side of my salad is extra. However, if I didn’t want that, the cashier offered me an apple as a substitute. With your Power Chicken Hummus Bowl, you get your choice of side: sprouted grain roll, fresh apple, baguette or chips.

I loved this bowl!

The chicken is well-seasoned and tastes real – not like the “fake chicken” {at least that’s what I like to call it} at Subway and many other restaurants. I love the flavored hummus. I’ve never found cilantro jalapeño hummus in a store, but I’ve had it before at a local Mediterranean restaurant south of the river called Ansari’s. I never order anything without that hummus there! The balance of vegetables to other ingredients was perfect. What you can barely see is the bed of spinach on the bottom of the bowl.

Of course, the basic recipe would be pretty easy to replicate and make your own: Chicken {or any protein} + Vegetables + Hummus + Fresh Herbs + Citrus Wedge. The possibilities are endless this way! Plus, you can control the sodium that way. And it reminds me of these easy Power Bowls I often make for my work lunches. However, I found a great copycat recipe where you can recreate Panera’s Power Chicken Hummus Bowl with the cilantro jalapeño hummus and all!

I would be willing to make salads power bowls like these all summer long! Just switch up the protein, the flavor of hummus and the veg and you got something unique, healthy and filling.

And when in a pinch… When I don’t feel like putting this together on my own or I don’t have the ingredients on hand, this bowl at Panera is a better choice than fast food or dining out any day.

I give it two thumbs up.

The next one I want to try is this one.

If you were making the perfect Power Bowl, what would you put in it?



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