Sophie & Shamrock: Fun with Photos!


Happy Sophie & Shamrock Saturday!


Lately, I’ve been playing around with photo apps, particularly one called Etchings, which I found on Apps Gone Free. I’ve been taking old photos of Sham & Sophie and making them a little artsy…

Sweet Shamrock Bugaboo & Sophie Jean


Photos they didn’t really want me to take…


A bit of novelty…


Then I had a little more fun with it and played around with photos from vacation.

Check out these cool ones of Uluru!


I love this one of Rob from when we were in Australia, exploring the Great Ocean Road



And here are two difference versions of the same photo of Rob at the Napoleon House in New Orleans


And a couple from my brother’s wedding



And of course, my nephew with Sock Monkey! #SockMonkeyTour



Just a bit of fun for Saturday. Hope you all have a lovely one!



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