It wasn’t long after we got back from New Orleans, that we decided to use our Groupon to The SIX15 Room. I can’t quite remember why, but we went to downtown Minneapolis to use it on a weeknight. It’s rare for us to make it downtown during the week.

But it was after that wonderful New Orleans cocktail experience that we were lucky to see a list like this!


I had to get The Grand Cocktail, being that The Six15 Room is located in we were in the The Grand Hotel Minneapolis. Rob went with a Fitzgerald. Because you know, writer F. Scott Fitzgerald loved Minneapolis St. Paul. Boy was that cocktail a doozy!

The menu is very limited, but I had every intention on getting the salmon:

Grilled Salmon – Giant White Beans, Watermelon Radish, Jicama Slaw, Pickled Mango – $16

Make no mistake, The Six15 Room is appropriately named. It’s not a restaurant, but a lounge. A stylish one at that. Most of the menu consists of appetizers and small plates.

So Rob convinced me that this was a place better suited for a drink and apps and that we should make our way to our beloved Devil’s Advocate for dinner.

That’s why we ordered these:

Can you tell who had the input on each choice? 🙂

Rob went nuts over the Ranch-Seasoned Homemade Chips served with a Smoked Gouda Dip. He doesn’t like waffle fries, so it surprised me he liked the cut of those chips. The seasoning was a nice change of pace and he is always a fan of smoked gouda. Generally speaking, homemade chips rarely disappoint.

The Cheese Plate was pretty simple, but I loved the variety of cheeses: Blue, Manchego, Smoked Gouda and Dill Havarti. The garlic toasts rivaled those from Murray’s Steakhouse, although Rob wouldn’t admit to that! Lastly, it may sound silly, but dipping those apple slices into the local honey offering was just absolutely divine. All apples should be dipped in honey. Forever and ever. Try it!

The Six15 Room is a lively place for a happy hour. If you are staying in downtown for a convention, it’s a great place for cocktails and small plates. But keep in mind, it’s tiny. So have one scope out a section for your group early or be prepared to stand if it’s packed. If you are from out of town, they also have a few local beers on their list, if you’d like to give those a go.

What is your go-to small plate or appetizer?




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  1. Well to answer your question, cheese and more cheese! It’s rare I don’t find a cheese I don’t like – it ranges from soft, sweet, tangy, bitter – you name it, I’ll pretty much eat it – I am actually thinking of the getting the cheese and meat appetizer on Sunday for my dinner – with a glass of pinot grigio! 😀

    Happy Friday Carrie!

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