Doggies Get Fit!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday!


April’s BarkBox is all about fitness…


Shamrock went straight for those boxing gloves!


I thought that Sophie and Sham might finally play tug with those, but it has yet to happen. At least they still play. All. The. Time. I love that they are playmates! We never would have known when we adopted Sham that they would become such buds.

Glamour Shots for Dogs?

Glamour Shots for Dogs?

But back to The Box

There was another toy in the box that didn’t get photographed. It’s a rubber squeaky toy, in the shape of a ball, but with feet and muscles! Ha. Sophie loved rolling around on it one night. She used to do this with a toy long ago that we called “binky.” It had little rubber spikes that she loved to roll on. We can’t find anything like it. Maybe this will be the replacement?

And the treats:


Per the usual, our dogs had no complaints about these treats. They were also happy that we received another barkworthy chew. This meant that now that one that momma had been saving would mean that each could have their own. 🙂

Thinking about signing your dog up for BarkBox? This month you can click my referral link to add a free box to your subscription. Choose your dog size and you are on your way!

Happy Saturday!



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