My Paddington


I have a Paddington Bear all of my own…

“How’s that?” you ask?

Well, this year, my husband has been obsessed with ridding our yard of dandelions. We don’t like to spray chemicals on our lawn with our pooches bare paws trampling all over it; so he does it the old-fashioned way, digging them up from the roots.

He’s so obsessed that on a weekend, he’ll do it in the morning when he lets the dogs out. If one or two of them pop up before we go somewhere, he’ll get to those before we leave. And upon return, you’ll find him in the yard once again. It’s his way of staying on top of it.

He won’t even let the rain stop him.

There was a day last week when we had a complete downpour. Rather than wait it out, Rob went to the closet, found a trench coat and hat {both of which I never knew he possessed}, put them on and smiled at me. I laughed.

“You look like Paddington Bear!” I said.

He smiled again. I had to get some photos of him weeding dandelions in the rain… Enjoy!

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That’s my Paddington!


What activity will weather never stop you from doing?



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