Thirsty Thursday: The One South of the River


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

At long last, we finally have a Brewing Company/Taproom South of the River! For those of you who aren’t local to the Twin Cities, “South of the River” refers to the suburbs located south of the Minnesota River. To Minneapolites {or Minneapolitans}, this feels sooooo far away. Truth be told, as a South of the River resident, I live only eight minutes from a friend in Bloomington, the city where the Mall of America is located. Dwellers of the city don’t think MOA is far away at all. {Although some wish that it were!}

Despite that argument, and the one where I profess that we can get to The Lowry in Uptown Minneapolis in just 16 minutes, it would still be nice to have a brewery in our neck of the woods.

Enter Badger Hill Brewing.

We first discovered Badger Hill on a Trolley Beer Tour back in 2012. They were brewing out of extra space at Lucid Brewing company. I’m sure it was a challenging task, but they finally opened up their own brewery and taproom in Shakopee this past year.


We’ve been there a handful of times now. But truth be told, I’d rather go north to MSP. Call me a beer snob if you’d like; but I’m hard-pressed to find something interesting or that I even like at Badger Hill.

Check out the menu:

One of my past favorites at Badger Hill was the Foundation Stout. However, my first couple visits to the Shakopee location had me realizing I’m not such a fan anymore.


The first time I ordered it, the bartender served it quickly, with half of it as head. When it finally settled, the glass was missing almost a quarter of its beer! I was quietly angry, complaining to my friends. “You are a brewery and you don’t even know how to pour a proper pint of stout?”

Sure, I probably should have said something, but because I don’t want to be that customer, I kept it to myself. A few months later, it got better; but I discovered that I wasn’t even liking the Foundation Stout. It was tough for me to even finish it. So I am thinking one of three things have happened since we first visited Badger Hill in its infancy:

  1. They changed their recipe.
  2. My palate has changed.
  3. I’ve been spoiled by all of the other exceptional stouts in the Twin Cities like here, here and here.

We’ve picked up on Social Media announcements when BH was serving a couple of specialty beers – like a Cherry Dunkel and a Caramel Macchiato Stout. But alas, we’ve never been able to make it there before they run out.

Where Badger Hill has a real winner though, is their Traitor IPA. I absolutely love the name of this beer because the premise is that this IPA is so good that you will be a traitor to your favorite one! It’s solid enough that they can proclaim that.

I took this photo because the shape of Jesus a heart had formed on the top:


Rob: “That looks more like a butt to me.”

Me: “Perfect! I love you with all my butt!”

Rob: “Huh?”

Me: “My butt is bigger than my heart, so that means so much more, right?”

I don’t drink IPAs much anymore {mostly because they make me crave salty foods, like fries!}, but this one is absolutely the go-to beer for me at Badger Hill.

Last Thursday, we met up at BH for a going away party for a couple of Rob’s co-workers. They all arrived there not long after the end of the workday. There were a lot of people in need of food! However, unlike many of the city breweries, a food truck is parked at Badger Hill only on #FoodTruckFridays. The solution?

Badger Hill keeps a binder of local delivery menus!


About 50 tacos and two huge orders of fries were ordered and delivered from Taco Loco for our group. It’s a pretty decent-sized taproom, so it’s a perfect place for a get together like this.


Some of us also tried the craft sodas, which is usually a treat for DDs. However, our friends told us to shy away from the Root Beer. I went with the Cherry Cola instead and couldn’t drink very much of it. There was very little carbonation and the flavor did not remind me very much of cherry or cola. I didn’t taste a hint of sweetness either.

There is also a big jug of water where you can help yourself.


Our friend Dirk said that the water was really good! He said that there was a sign that indicated that this is their brewing water. Our friend Chay wanted to try it as well. After tasting it, he said that it was a little bit sweet. What?! I needed to have a taste for myself.


Dirk’s and Chay’s palates must be way more discerning than mine. It tasted just like water to me. Rob didn’t detect any sweetness either.

What I really need to do the next time we meet up with people at Badger Hill is to get a flight of beers to try the others on the menu that I assume I won’t like. You never know, one of them just might surprise me, like the Frank’s Red Ale did at Day Block.

It would be nice to have a brewery south of the river that is worth a trip for the urbanites. I’m not sure Badger Hill is there quite yet; but, perhaps, it all depends on what you like.

How far will you travel to try something new?




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