The Best Article I’ve Read in a Long Time…


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

This post is supposed to recap what came in Sophie & Sham’s June BarkBox. But I want to take a minute to link you to The Best Article that I’ve read in a really, really long time. You know that I ❤ pupper dawgs, so a restaurant review from that point of view just melts my heart.

You *must* read this one about Stanley’s NE.


I loved that article so much that it prompted me to buy this Living Social deal to Stanley’s. We are still debating if our pups are well behaved enough to bring them with us.


 Now let’s move on to this month’s BarkBox.IMG_3227

Sophie and Sham were just panting away when I said the word “BarkBox!” That’s all it takes.

As soon as the box is open, into it they try to go…


Space Rover! What could be in a box marked with, “To infini-pee and beyond!”? These items:

IMG_3236Although there was a little “Ruv Note” indicating that we would be receiving something else in place of the last item on the list. See “To the Dog of the House”  below. It was one of those beef knee cap things that replaced the Swisher Sweets. An odd name, no?


Sham instantly went for the Star! It’s funny how the new toys always become his favorites! But he quickly dropped it when I opened this:

IMG_3238I had Daddy break the chew bar in half so the two could share. Happy dogs all around. Now, if only they’d write a post about their BarkBox like Camper did of Stanley’s NE. Maybe I could bribe them with a treat next month…

If you’d like to sign your pooch up for BarkBox, click Sophie & Sham’s referral link to get a free box added to your subscription!

Happy Saturday!


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