The summer is flying by!

Here are some excerpts…


Loungin’ on the deck in the sun…


Beggin’ on the deck for some beef sticks…


Savoring Rainier Cherries…


Road Trip!

Fun Family Wedding…

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Polka, polka & more polka!

Arrival at the lake…


Where are the chippers?!

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A little imbibing…


Some swimming and bobber chasin’


After that trip to Wisconsin and Michigan, I’m still playing catch-up! Still hopin’ to have the energy to write more soon… But until then, I’ll soak up every minute of summer.


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  1. The picture of the doggie on the deck is cute. It reminds me of my Dachshund. Yes, wieners are dogs too…LOL. The other photo with the dogs in the car seat, at first glance it appears as if they are reading a book.

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