Sophie Stitches!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Poor little Jean.

When she went in to the vet for her Comprehensive Exam and yearly dental cleaning, I asked that they take a look at the wart on her back and consider removing it.

Sophie is a Shih Poo (Shih Tzu – Poodle mix). Shih Tzus are known to get little bumps/warts/imperfections on their bodies as they age. Well, Sophie is 10 years old now and has a handful of them.

Does this little sweetheart look 10-years-old?!

Does this little sweetheart look 10-years-old?!

This is the only one I was looking to get removed and not for cosmetic reasons. It is in a place on her back that she can almost scratch – at least a bit. It seems like it is getting bigger, too. I attribute this to her and Sham‘s play sessions. It sometimes get scratched, bleeds and either Sham licks it (GROSS!) or the blood dries up. This is on the regular.

Getting her yearly dental cleaning, which they put her under to do, meant that I only had to pay a bit extra to extend the anesthesia for them to do the surgical procedure to remove the mass.

Now my only worry was that Sham would scratch at or lick the area upon returning home. A cone (or e-collar) was not really going to do anything to protect it; so I had to get Sophie a t-shirt to cover the stitches. It was really difficult to find one that wasn’t too tight and covered the area well enough. Here is what I found…


Oh, yes, this BFF of mine was rescued via Homeward Bound!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of the color pink. I’ve never been a very girly-girl in that sense, but I’ve never been a tom-boy either. But I’ve always said that if Sophie Jean were my human daughter, I just know that she would be the one wearing pink, frou-frou dresses and jelly shoes. 🙂 So this suits her well.

She seemed to like it just fine, albeit the heat this week. Though, she did lounge in the grass. This is one of my photos I forgot to share of our daylilies on my summer post!


The incision is healing nicely and Sophie gets the stitches out next week.

Happy Saturday!



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  1. Smart idea on the shirt to keep her from biting/licking. I’m totally going to have to remember that for the future. Our dog had an injury last year and we put her in a cone (this was when she was crated while we were at work, she’s out all the time now) and we got home to find that she’d destroyed/chewed/eaten/demolished the cone. YIKES

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