Glam Doll


What do you do when you have out-of-town guests

who are experiencing the Twin Cities for the first time?*

*Not necessarily in this order…


#1) You take them out for a Juicy Lucy!

Buffalo Tap California Juicy Lucy

Buffalo Tap California Juicy Lucy

Sorry, Juicy Lucy / Jucy Lucy purists! Our fave is at the Buffalo Tapnot Matt’s Bar nor the 5-8 Club! Having some of the best state-fair-quality cheese curds around, doesn’t hurt this decision either. 😉


{photo by Amber}


2) You let them check out the MOA.*

{*You might even join them, even if you aren’t really a shopper and you’ve sworn off the place… It’s all to get those steps in, right?! Besides, who doesn’t like giant LEGO creations?}


We walked over 3.5 miles in our short visit!

You might even find a pineapple:



3) You try someplace iconic, that you haven’t yet tried…


Glamdoll Donuts is said to be one of the top donut shops in the nation.

I’ve been dying to try this place forever!  I’m so glad the girls were game!


While the bacon-topped donuts were probably the most intriguing…

{photo by Amber}

{photo by Amber}

…the girls and I played it safe.

Sydnie ordered a Dark Angel with vanilla bean cream and chocolate icing, along with a cappuccino.


Amber and I decided to wait an extra 15 minutes to get a Calendar Girl with salted caramel and chocolate.

There were still being made:


The donuts weren’t warm, but the salted caramel in the hole was!


I tilted my donut around to get the caramel to cover the entire top. That way, I could get that caramel goodness in every single bite.

We were all satisfied with this pre-mall-walking fuel. However, we also agreed that the next time we visit, we’ll be a bit more adventurous and try one of the crazier flavors, like the Girl Next Door with provolone and muenster or the Chart Topper with peanut butter and sriracha.

Yes, Glam Doll is another one of those cool places in the Twin Cities to take out-of-town guests.

Where is a unique spot you like to take people who visit you?




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  1. Okay. So how much do I need a warm caramel donut? SO MUCH! That is amazing.

    I love reading about others’ Twin Cities lists because I think we all struggle to think of what to do to show off our city. I definitely have taken a few friends for Jucy Lucys because of course those are the most Minnesotan food. I’ve also found WSK and Hola Arepa to be quite popular with the out of town set.

    • We are so lucky to have so many hot spots. I love Hola Arepa. (Have you had their Tostada Chilaquiles for brunch? Best ever!)

      It’s sad that I have not tried WSK yet, but it’s on my list. Thanks for the out-of-towner suggestions!

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