Traverse City Cider House


After our two afternoon brewery stops in Traverse City, we checked into our hotel, conveniently situated in downtown where all the action is.

Our next stop:


Okay, so we didn’t make the drive all the way out to the Northern Natural Cider House and Winery; but we did stop off at their cider tasting room on Front Street. It was within walking distance of our hotel.


I just love these booths!


Of course, I was having trouble deciding on a cider. You are probably thinking, “Carrie, how hard could it be to choose a cider?” Well, there were several and many had won awards!


Luckily they offered a flight of all 11 of their ciders!


Naturally we ordered it…


Naturally, we split it. Then we made our draft picks.

Most of them tasted very similar to each other. My favorite of the bunch was the Lavender Cider. The Cinammon Spice Cider was another top contender for me. Overall, not the best cider I’ve had. Nor was it as good as what we’d had in Australia. However, if those two varieties of Northern Natural Cider were available in my local liquor store, I’d purchase them.

After all that cider, it was time to go back to the hotel for a little nap before dinner. We had many more boxes to check in Traverse City!

Do you drink hard cider?

If so, what is your favorite?

Have you ever been to a cider house?




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  1. Wow, that is quite the flight! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE cider, and have been to some cider houses and bars.

    My favorite so far is the Schilling Cider House in Seattle WA. Although I’m not a huge fan of their ciders, they have a total of 32 taps and probably over 100 chilled bottled selections, so there are too many choices there. I sampled half their tap list my last visit (thankfully many were just tastes, and the rest sampler size)!

    I would have a very difficult time naming any favorite cider, as I like so many, but my favorite “style” is probably barrel aged. Kinda weird as I don’t like aged spirits.

    If you like cider, you may like my blog, Cider Says.

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