After our brewery and cider house hopping followed by our night out in Traverse City, we got some of the best sleep ever at the Park Place Hotel. Our only regret was that we didn’t make it to our hotel’s 10th floor Beacon Lounge before it closed. It is supposed to have one of the best views, overlooking Traverse City and Grand Traverse Bay! #onlyregret

The next morning, our plan was to get some breakfast and walk along the water. Unfortunately, it was a cold and windy morning. That walk along the shoreline didn’t happen. It made me realize how much we took the weather for granted the previous day.

Instead, I did a google search for the “Best Coffee in Traverse City.” It was cold and I wanted something to warm me up; but I wanted the good stuff.

Morsels Bakery came out on top.

Plus they had breakfast. #score.

I was dying for an Americano and Rob opted for some cappuccino or macchiato or something. I always love the artistry when a coffee shop does this:


Why the name Morsels, you ask?

They make bite-sized baked goods! All of these flavors for the size just a bit bigger than a chocolate truffle. I eyed the selection for quite some time. But then I decided to go the same route as Rob and get a breakfast sammie instead:


morsels “mcmuffin”baked egg, sharp cheddar, basil pesto, avocado, bacon + house-made english muffin – $7

The bacon was a little unique; but we loved it! Rob was a little weirded out by the baked egg; so I ate that. But what I was looking forward to most was that house-made English muffin!


Sadly, it was incredibly dry. 😦 I guess not stopping at the Beacon Lounge wasn’t my only Traverse City regret. Not ordering any morsels for breakfast, or getting any to-go was the other. They are only $1 a piece or four for $3.75 or $10 by the dozen.

Overall, we had a very nice time on our less-than-24-hour trip to Traverse City. We sure did check a lot of boxes! Next time, I hope to be well enough to hike those Sleeping Bear Dunes. I’ll just be sure to put a drink at the Beacon Lounge and some morsels from Morsels at the top of my list next time.

What regrets have you had when traveling?

Do you/how do you keep track of what you want to make sure not to miss next time?




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