Best way to end a cali vacay


On our last day in California, we spent a very enjoyable day outdoors.

This trip to visit our friend Shondra was perfect in that we all like wine, the Packers and golfing. That doesn’t mean we are all good at golfing {namely, me}, but we all enjoy being outdoors.

It just so happens that Shondra works on a golf course and scored us a sweet round overlooking the ocean!


I love these shots of Rob’s golf swing and Shondra looking on…

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As expected, the ride throughout the course was just lovely.

The wildlife was fascinating, too!


That hawk seemed to follow us to a couple of holes. Maybe he’s the keeper of the course. 😉

This guy was ready to pounce on something!

We were playing a best ball sort of game to keep things moving. We had a twilight tee time and wanted to make sure we’d make it to the oceanside of the course before sunset!

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I tried to do a panorama shot at one hole, but what are those glowing little balls between Jenny’s hands? Anyone else ever get shots like these?


I also got a shot of Jenny during one of her best drives!

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And Rob, too…

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We made it to the cliffs and beach as the sun was setting…

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…out over the water.

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But one of my favorite shots of the night was this one of Rob walking to our golf cart.


I’d say that was the perfect end to a fantastic trip!

But not until we had a little Italian for dinner! Rob spotted a place on the way to our golf outing called Via Uno. It’s appopriately named since via means road or highway in Italian and the PCH is Highway 1.


The ambiance was great and we bellied up to a corner of the bar to dine… and of course, ordered a little Italian wine.


The menu looked incredible. Rob and I were eyeing the pizzas.


The fave of the two we ordered wasn’t pretty, but it sure was supremely tasty!

Pizza Via Uno - Half calzone, half pizza!

Pizza Via Uno – Half calzone, half pizza!

I want to thank Shondra for being such a supremely wonderful host. This is a part of California that I would definitely return. It’s always wonderful to visit and spend time with friends!

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Where is the best place you’ve golf or viewed wildlife?

How do you spend time outdoors?



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  1. I don’t care how messy pizza looks, it always tastes amazeballs! Loved your recap of Cali – it’s on the top of my list to visit there – how crazy that I am almost 48 and have never been there!

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