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Bad Momma


SOPHIE Saturday

I’m a bad momma.

A couple of weeks ago, January 9th to be exact, I posted all about Shamrock on Sophie & Shamrock Saturday.

Because I forgot.

I forgot that it was little Miss Sophie Jean’s 11th birthday!



I was reminded later that day when her vet sent me an email message wishing her a happy one. Bad Momma! I should have made her a Puppy Cake!

I can hardly believe she’s ll.

I remember vividly the day she came home with me. I went to a Homeward Bound Rescue pet adoption to look at a different dog that I found online. That dog did not suit me at all; but I was really there just to look. Then, this little one just turned her head to look behind her and looked up at me with her puppy dog eyes.


I picked her up and couldn’t put her down. Who could resist those markings?


To give you an idea of how tiny she truly was as a pup…

CarrieMogged 015

I was living with my friend Jen at the time. Sophie just adored playing with her friend Finnegan, who in this photo is just watching her from behind.


It’s funny to think how they are about the same size now! The name Sophie came to me on the long ride home as I held her gingerly in the back seat. But I was trying to come up with something more clever and less common. For days, Rob called her Me Too because she followed me everywhere form room to room. The only thing I called her was Little Girl. Eventually, Sophie is the one that stuck stuck… and it became Sophie Girl and Sophie Jean over the years.

She now responds to Sophie, Sophie Jean and Jean.

She was very cuddly at the get-go. I learned that is ultimately what I need in a dog.  She has been the ideal dog for me!

She may be a little whiny at times; but she also makes funny noises and does silly things that make laugh.


I am so lucky to have such a cuddilicious, lovable dog in my life. Miss Sophie Jean, you are loved. Happy belated birthday.

You can see and read more about of Sophie Jean:

Happy Saturday!