Friday 5 – Favorites from 2015


I just wanted to share a few things that really made me happy in 2015. If they made me happy, maybe they’ll make you happy, too!

Five of My Favorites of 2015

Favorite Book I Read:

dogs purpose

This piece of fiction is written from the point of view of a dog. I can’t stop thinking about it! It’s heart-warming and will make you happy. While I’m at it, may I recommend the sequel, A Dog’s Journey?I find myself craving more books written like this. And although we’ll never know how dogs truly think, I feel like I know my own dogs better and connect with them differently.


Favorite Body Wash:

Olay with Shea Butter

This’ll sound crazy, but this is different from any other body wash I’ve ever used. It is so luxurious and silky. It must be the shea butter. It feels like a combination of body wash and lotion. It’s going to be tough for me to use anything else again!


Favorite Habit I Adopted:

The morning ritual of drinking hot lemon water. So refreshing and comforting. Plus all of the added health benefits.



Favorite New Workout:

There are no excuses when you’ve got a 15-minute effective workout like this one.


Favorite Article I Read:

I talked about it here; but here is the direct link to the article – A Dog Reviews Stanley’s NE Yappy Hour. You are welcome.

Here are some favorites of the past few years:

Name something new that you discovered this year!




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