A Boy and his Dog… + Holiday BarkBox


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Before I go into what was wrapped up in Sophie & Sham’s Christmas (December) BarkBox, let’s start with a few photos.

You’ve seen a lot of Sophie lately… {Like here and here.} It’s time for a little Shamrock! This summer, we took many little walks with the pooches. This was one of my favorite photos of Rob and Sham that I never posted on the blog. I took several that day. So it was hard to choose just one.

A Boy & His Dog

Then, a week or so ago, Rob fell asleep with Shamrock in his arms.

IMG_5276If that isn’t one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen… Then shame on you! 😉

It’s safe to say that Sham has been trusting men more and more… and that Rob has become his buddy. Now, if we could only get him comfortable enough around Grandpa.


Now on to the contents of December’s BarkBox, of which we’ve made the tradition of wrapping for Christmas each year! Just a reminder that Sophie and Sham receive the Small Dog BarkBox. All subscribers get to choose a box designed for either a “Small and Cute” dog (0-20 lbs), a “Just Right” dog (20-50 lbs) or a “Big and Bold” dog (50+lbs).

We were very happy to receive this Treat Tin.


We already use a tin for their treats. It’s a great way to get the dogs to come inside by banging the lid onto the tin! We thought this smaller tin would be one we could use for travel. Then we left our original treat tin in Green Bay. DOH! Guess it’s good we had this one as a back up.

The toys didn’t go over well this month with Shamrock:

Red Leopard Slipper & Flannel Shirt Dog Toy

Flannel Shirt Dog Toy & Red Leopard Slipper

Both items squeak, but Sham took no interest. Perhaps because the opening of this BarkBox was during the crazy opening of gifts that is Christmastime with children! A little hectic for him, perhaps. There are still several toys he loves from his previous BarkBoxes that I would have never known to get him!

Also in the box was this Lamb Ear chew.

Lamb Ear Chew

I’m not sure why, but while we were opening gifts, I gave the Lamb Ear to my brother’s dog, Tank Girl. Perhaps it was her sweet pupper dawg eyes that persuaded me. The dogs didn’t fight over it either. Too much commotion, I suppose.

There were two sets of treats this month:


The Salmon Jerky was an instant hit. Sophie loves the Gingerbread Cookies, but Sham just sniffs them and walks away. He’s been very picky about food lately. He seems to only want four things:

  1. Sophie’s prescription dog food
  2. Daddy’s Beef Sticks
  3. Momma’s Popcorn
  4. Anything daddy is eating

Despite that, all of those treats are almost gone already! We are anxiously awaiting the January 2016 BarkBox. If you are considering enrolling your dog(s) in BarkBox, click Sophie & Sham’s link and both you and they will get a free box added to your subscription!

Happy Saturday!



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