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Brunch, Then Beer – All the Wins + One Fail


Happy Thirsty Thursday!


What does a football lover do during the off-season on a Sunday?!

She convinces her husband to go out for brunch.

How does she do this?

She lets him choose the location. ūüôā

Little did she know what a winning Sunday it would be!

  • Because¬†her husband looked at her Restaurant Wish List at the bottom of the Restaurant Impressions page of her blog to choose a spot she’d been dying to try.
  • Sure, they had to wait in a cramped space¬†upon arrival¬†because the restaurant had a steady brunch business goin’ on. But¬†he didn’t complain!
  • The wait was shorted than expected!
  • They were asked to sit at the bar¬†when the first two seats became available – Yes, it’s what we prefer!
  • And they both win at it all because The Mill Northeast was everything she’d read about and more.
Rejuvenation Libation 5.5 Aperol, Fernet Branca, Angostura & Peychaud bitters, Red Berry Tea Source A shim for what ails you!

Rejuvenation Libation –¬†Aperol, Fernet Branca, Angostura &¬†Peychaud bitters, Red Berry Tea Source – $5.50 “A shim for what ails you!”

I wasn’t ailing at all, but I was quite curious about this cocktail. It’s definitely one¬†for cocktail lovers, not exactly for anyone who isn’t into bitters or vermouth. I liked it. Of their handful of beers on tap, most were local. Rob always likes to see his fave Steel Toe Size 7 IPA available!

First to come out:


Ecuadorian Baked Eggs¬†–¬†two eggs, mole spiced black beans, queso fresco, white cheddar, avocado creme, salsa verde, served with a llapangacho choice of corn or flour tortillas – $11

Okay, so that wasn’t mine. {Insert record scratch sound here.} It belonged to the guy seated at the bar next¬†to me. They took it away with many apologies. But I had already taken a photo! That was just fine with me because his eggs were scrambled. It¬†may have made for a prettier dish, but I¬†ordered¬†my eggs cooked over easy:

Ecuadorian Baked Eggs 11 two eggs, mole spiced black beans, queso fresco, white cheddar, avocado creme, salsa verde, served with a llapangacho choice of corn or flour tortillas

Ecuadorian Baked Eggs –¬†two eggs, mole spiced black beans, queso fresco, white cheddar,
avocado creme, salsa verde, served with a llapangacho choice of corn or flour tortillas Р$11

For the record, llapangacho are fried potato cakes – and they are very tasty! I’d be hard-pressed to order anything but this at brunch. I don’t know why Latin breakfast dishes make me so happy like at¬†Hola Arepa¬†and The Lowry¬†in Minneapolis and even on vacation at a winery in Temecula!¬†This is something I need to remember. Such¬†dishes are truly satisfying!

Rob, on the other hand, went the extremely healthy route:

Haha! ¬†Since we had a bit of time waiting before we were seated, I checked out reviews online to help decide what to order since I am so indecisive. {P.S.¬†The¬†Baked Ecuadorian Baked Eggs were highly recommended!} Rob was frustrated with me for doing this. “Why can’t you just wait!?”

Side Note: He thinks I don’t like surprises… but I do! I would rather be surprised on my birthday than receive something weeks in advance. I just don’t like to be blindsided to make a decision when I’m ordering at a restaurant. Is that fair? Okay, at least it’s honest.

But when I showed him that the Faribault Caveman Cheese Curds¬†{with beet ketchup – $7} were touted as some of the best, he was swayed. And it’s a rare occasion when you can get him to pass up any Truffle Fries¬†{with parmesan, truffle oil, chipotle aioli – $6}.

It was all so much food, though!

Still I “desserted” with this:

{I think I just made up that word!}

The Mill Press 6.5 Cold press, cinnamon syrup, Irish cream

The Mill Press ¬†–¬†Cold press, cinnamon syrup, Irish cream – $6.50

Yes! Yes! Again… and again and again to that bevvy. I need to ask my husband when we can get our butts back to The Mill Northeast!


After brunch, there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon at a brewery playing some cribbage, which we did over at our fave Dangerous Man. They now have cold press coffee on tap {no more homemade tap sodas! ūüė¶ }, so that was my beverage of choice so as not to fall asleep at the bar!

After a two-out-of-three cribbage victory {I’m not going to say by whom!}, we pressed on. There are so many new breweries in the Twin Cities that it’s hard to keep up these days. It was time to check another box! We opted for the nearby Able Seed Brewery.IMG_6159

The taproom is huge and reminded me very much of Bauhuas,

but there were very few patrons on this lovely afternoon.


Since I hadn’t had a beer yet that day, I considered a flight of their offerings.


And then thought better of it. We inquired about the Neon listed on the board. It is the Blk Wlf Stout mixed with their Cold Press Coffee. {In fact, a patron at Dangerous Man had just been requesting cold press coffee mixed into his stout!} Alas, Able was all out of cold press.

I requested a taste of their Pub Ale, since I was delightfully surprised by the one I liked when my brother ordered it at NorthGate.


Not only did it look like a jar of urine, it didn’t hit the spot for me.¬†Instead, we went with their little session Blk Wlf Stout. Rob chose a regular pint; nitro for me. Always nitro!

Let’s just say it was the first beer either of us took a few sips of and then left the brewery without finishing. The staff was nice enough. But when bringing out-of-town guests to the select few breweries you can really hit in a day, we’ll leave this one off the list. I guess we couldn’t have all the wins in one day!

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?




Jolie’s Place


Jolie’s Place gets its very own post because it is a haunt¬†my Aunt Terri and Bryan frequent. It is also a place we stepped into three times on our short visit with them! But I can see why they love it so much.


The funny thing is that even before we planned our trip to Arizona, I kept seeing them check in at Jolie’s Place¬†on Facebook. I commented at one point that it must be good because it seems like they were there all the time! Bryan promptly replied that we would be going there when we next came down to visit.

I can see why. The menu just makes us drool. Our first visit was for breakfast.


Chicken Fried Steak Р Breaded and fried steak covered in homemade sausage gravy along with two eggs cooked to order, country potatoes or hash browns and your side of toast. $9.95

Both Rob and Bryan ordered the Chicken Fried Steak {once Rob was convinced it wasn’t made with chicken!} with smothered hash browns and sourdough toast. For only $6.50, I ordered the Smothered Hashbrowns {not pictured} – golden hash browns, grilled onions and cheddar cheese smothered in ¬†homemade sausage gravy and topped with two eggs. Seriously, you can’t beat these prices! My aunt¬†went the opposite of our savory routes:

$8.95 - French Toast Cinnamon streusel andpanko coated Texas toast, grilled to a goldn brown, topped with whip cream and fresh strawberries. - See more at:

French Toast –¬†Cinnamon streusel and panko coated Texas toast, grilled to a golden brown, topped with whip cream and fresh strawberries. $8.95

How to explain this bar/restaurant? It’s big. Bikers like it. People who get off work at 6am eat and drink here. It’s open 6am to 2am. And you’ll always see someone here!


There is also live music many nights…


And I love that they have 12 hours of “Happy Time” every day!

We stopped to play some darts one night hopping around a bit. And guess what, we¬†did¬†take some people¬†photos! The new age jukebox thingy allowed us to take selfies! Yes, my aunt and I were having a great time…¬†{Although she is¬†much¬†better at darts.}

And it was Jolie’s where we ended our trip as well. It was Tuesday, Super Tuesday in fact {a time when you¬†must always¬†order tacos!} so we went for their Tuesday $1 Street Tacos for lunch before heading to the airport.


Yes, those delectable tacos were only a dollar each! We also enjoyed my aunt’s favorite¬†Mac and Cheese Bites ($6.25) – little pillows of smoked Gouda and macaroni, deep fried and served with chipotle ketchup.

And Rob found this menu item irresistible:

$6.95 - Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly We take crunch peanut butter and raspberry jelly and generously spread it between two pieces of fresh white bread. Then we beer batterit... then we deep fr it...they we dust it with powedered sugar!!! YUMMMMMMMM!!! Served with a handful of crispy sweet potato fries. - See more at:

Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly –¬†crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jelly generously spread between two pieces of fresh white bread, beer-battered, then deep-fried before dusting with powdered sugar. $6.95

I just had to try a corner and it was seriously crazy delicious!

All-in-all, both halves of our trip were wonderfully needed and relaxing. Thank you to Nora for all the beer and good times and letting us crash with you!

And the same to my Aunt Terri and Bryan – not to mention crashing their wedding anniversary on Leap Day that only comes around once every four years!


We love you! XOXOXOX

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A couple more AZ breweries…


My Aunt Terri and her husband Bryan are not craft brew fans. They prefer the light stuff. Yet, they know that we are, so they indulged us a bit while we were visiting them! Our first stop was Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company in Gilbert. I love the sign that makes you feel like you are visiting a National Park or going camping!


Rob and I were in utter awe of their varied and unique beer menu!


I went out of my comfort zone and tried the Peachanomyces Saison.


I’m glad I just got a taste because it wasn’t for me. Can you guess what the winner was by our glasses below?


Well, the menu and listings are hard to see, so I’ll just tell you…


Yeah, love the unique-ness and the name!

The bartender tried very hard to find a beer that Bryan would enjoy…

But alas, not even the lightest beer could make him a craft beer convert. (Although I don’t remember any lagers on the menu.)

Arizona Wilderness¬†also offers food. The menu looked incredible – lots of fresh and local ingredients. This is definitely a place I’d like to return to and have a bite to eat if I’m ever back in the Phoenix area again!


Our other stop was SanTan Brewing Company in Chandler. We knew this stop was imperative because they make the seasonal Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter which Rob had already tried and loved. {Plus, he liked ordering it!}IMG_6080

However, tonight it was not on the menu. {Just out of season.} Still, did you want to get 1/6 or 1/2 barrel to-go?!


I elected to go with something completely different – a Mr. Pineapple!

A stylish wheat with a tropical personality, infused with fresh pineapple juice from Fair Trade Costa Rican farms, takes traditional wheat beer and adds some seriously cool character.

Mr. Pineapple Wheat – infused with fresh pineapple juice from Fair Trade Costa Rican farms served with a pineapple wedge

It was not my favorite, although I do like wheat beers in general. It was fun to try something completely new, though! We ordered some snacks before we stopped for dinner at… a¬†token Irish Pub!


The food was okay, which Terri and Bryan say has gone downhill since the new ownership. But we all loved the garlic bread! {I know, traditionally Irish, right?!} Stopping at an Irish pub while traveling is a tradition my friend Jen and I started and Rob and I have been practicing for years.

Do you have any traditions or purchases

you always make while traveling?

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Being Outside in Arizona in February


Is it just me or does anyone else feel like cacti

are always flipping us off?IMG_6063

My Aunt Terri said, “They have their arms up ready to give you a hug!”


My very first memory of life was in Arizona.

I was two years old. {I know this because my brother was not yet born.} My dad pushed me into my grandparents’ pool {to teach me how to swim?}. I remember sucking in so much water and screaming and crying and feeling like I was drowning. Of course, I didn’t know what drowning was at the time, but I knew the feeling. Of course, that feeling felt like forever to me, but my dad promptly “saved” me, hoisting me out of the water and laughing all the while. I was bawling.

We never did go back to see my grandparents while they lived in Arizona. I’m sure that didn’t have to do what seemed to me to be a traumatic event, but quite probably just life circumstances and our growing family. For the record, this incident didn’t scar me for life. On the contrary. I eventually took swimming lessons and¬†love¬†being in the water!

In fact, that’s why, after my first visit back to Arizona five years ago, I concluded¬†that I could never live there. Sure,¬†I did¬†love¬†the dry heat. The humidity during Minnesota summers can be unbearable. But I love water so much that I need to be near it!

That’s probably why so many Arizonans have pools. ūüėČ


Still, February is that perfect time of year to be outside in Arizona – a couple of months later and no one will help you move, unless it’s at 5am. It’s also the perfect time to visit when you are experiencing bitterly cold Minnesota winters!

In the morning, Rob and I would make some coffee and go read on the back patio. Sometimes it was even a little chilly!


And usually, one or more of my Aunt Terri and Bryan’s five dogs would follow us!


D.O.G. keeping Rob company

I swear, D.O.G. is the happiest dog on the planet! He’s always wagging his tail to see you and wants lots of pets.

At night, he’d sleep outside our bedroom door. When I’d get up to go to the bathroom, I’d hear the¬†thump, thump, thump of his tail wagging and hitting the wall. He has All. The. Love.


D.O.G. and Jake chillin’

Now Jake is what Bryan likes to call a “bachelor’s dog.” Although he may look fierce at first glance, he is anything but. This sweet and charming pooch just wants your love!



Max, pictured below,¬†is the¬†smallest of the five and also the alpha! It is very interesting to watch… When I first met Max five years ago he was not alpha. But I remember asking Terri and Bryan who would be alpha when the current one passed. “Max,” they said in unison. ¬†Here is a selfie of us in the a.m. while I was out on the patio with my coffee.


Morning Me & Max

Also, when I first met Max, he had both eyes. An unfortunate circumstance with one of the other dogs left him with only one. But that doesn’t keep him from being happy nor from being alpha!


It’s fun to watch Max play with and shake up this huge stuffed animal!

Then there’s Missy and Mira – the other two Doxies. Missy, although a bit heavier, can¬†play ball¬†for hours.¬†Mira is just a little lover!

You can only imagine how heavenly it was for Rob and I to be around five dogs! The amazing part is how well they get along. It’s quite the sweet little family.


We spent every moment possible that we could outside while we were in Arizona! My aunt arranged for my cousins to come over for a cookout and a bonfire¬†the first night. It was wondrous! However, I kept getting the feeling that the bugs would be out soon and I’d be slapping myself and need to go in. But it never happened. I wasn’t in Minnesota or Wisconsin in the summer. I was in Arizona in February.

Instead, I got to sit outside and hangout with family over the fire for hours. What could be better?!

Still, I find it painful looking back on all my photos that I failed to take pictures of those that I love. Why is it that I shy away from taking pictures of people? I’m constantly taking photos of scenery, food, beverages and dogs! This is something I declare to work on in the future! Because life is the business of making memories and people are the best part of those memories.

Where do you like to go to spend time outdoors?

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New Boo!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday


snarly pooch

We just haven’t been able to keep up with Shamrock’s fur lately. It’s the added Pekingese in him! No matter how many times we brush him or cut out all the little mats (patch work dog!), it is a never-ending situation. What’s more is that he brings everything¬†in the house. From burrs, to sticks, to leaves, to snow. It just clings to him. I had almost an entire branch from a bush once. It was so common that I was going to start a new blog called Stuff Sham Brings In…

We finally took him to get groomed. I think Rob had been holding off because we did this to Benny years ago and they shaved him. He looked so uncomfortable and embarrassed! He was miserable for weeks until it started to grow out again.

So when Sophie had her own grooming appointment, we brought Sham along to ask the groomer what could possibly be done, short of shaving him. She was able to squeeze him in that day!

The result?

A new Boo!


Shamrock Bugaboo that is. 


He’s still soft as ever, but there are no mats or snarls. I’ve been brushing him every day since. {He still hates it, even when there are no mats!}¬†But generally speaking, he’s a pretty happy guy.


And he’s trimmed nice and short underneath so he hasn’t brought in a single thing from outside – yet.


He almost looks like a puppy again!

When they got home, we opened this month’s¬†BarkBox. Little Sophie Jean always get so excited and wants to tear into it right away.

This month’s theme?IMG_6270



There were no real puzzle toys, but we are stocked up with treats, chews and toys for another month!

Oh… and you can get one month free added to your subscriptions when you enroll your dog into BarkBox. Treats and toys delivered to your door every month. {Sophie and Sham get excited about every¬†box that comes to the door now!}

Happy Saturday!

It felt like vacation!


What does a vacation feel like to you?

Do you like to have an itinerary?

Do you prefer to play it by ear?

Do you like to go someplace sunny or secluded in nature where you can relax and do nothing?

What makes you feel like you are really on vacation?

While I do love planning a vacation with a nice little {but flexible} itinerary, I can also appreciate a vacation where there is no real structure. Maybe, to me, that’s the difference between travel¬†{discovering and exploring a new place} and¬†vacation {a trip to get away from the day-to-day routine}.

Our trip to Arizona was the perfect example of a getaway to spend some relaxing time with friends and family. It felt like a true vacation Рa break from the day-to-day, without any worries. I think it was even more necessary after our car accident.

Luckily, visiting family and friends

makes it much easier to be more relaxed!

On our last day with Nora, we made our way south to get closer to my aunt, who would be picking us up that day.

Of course, it was another gorgeous day, so we got to brunch outside! In Gilbert, we discovered this wonderful little wine-cafe called Postino. Nora and I enjoyed a nice little mimosa for only $5 each, while Rob went right for the brilliant wine list.


Yes, you read that right, all wines by the glass are $5 every day from open to 5pm. Talk about Happy HOURS! ūüôā Plus,¬†They really make an effort to pick out some unique ones.


Although it appears that there are now several locations of this wine bar all around¬†The Valley, it’s a place where we’d love to return. The menu had great, fresh and local ingredients that made it difficult for me to choose. {Like you hadn’t guessed.}

I considered what Nora ordered:

Farm Scramble $9.75 Roasted Yukon Gold potatoes scrambled with fresh eggs, herbs, onions, gruyere and white cheddar served with mixed greens and tomato salad

Farm Scramble¬†–¬†Roasted Yukon Gold potatoes scrambled with fresh eggs, herbs, onions, gruyere and white cheddar served with mixed greens and tomato salad

I know I would have loved it; but it sounded too typical Carrie. I decided to get something that¬†I probably wouldn’t get anywhere else instead.

Hannah's Field $10 Kale, quinoa, Fuji apple, apricot, toasted almonds, pecorino stagionato, and pickled red onion with apple cider-mustard vinaigrette - Sd;jfalsdj Vegetarian White bean hummus with avocado, cashews, cucumbers, roasted yellow tomatoes, goat cheese, olives, greens, tomato and basil

Half Panini & Salad: Vegetarian Panini – White bean hummus with avocado, cashews, cucumbers, roasted yellow tomatoes, goat cheese, olives, greens, tomato and basil | Hannah’s Field Salad –¬†Kale, quinoa, Fuji apple, apricot, toasted almonds, pecorino stagionato, and pickled red onion with apple cider-mustard vinaigrette¬†

Such a change from the norm for me! That foccacia was some of the best I’ve had. Rob, too, went with a panini and could only eat¬†half of this bugger.

Roast Beef Wood roasted premium beef with aged Port Salut cheese, onions, pickles, Sierra Nevada mustard and mayo

Roast Beef Panini –¬†Wood roasted premium beef with aged Port Salut cheese, onions, pickles, Sierra Nevada mustard and mayo served with Yukon Gold potato chips

Such great food!¬†And on this beautiful Saturday morning, there was a market going on. We wandered through, me trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible. It wasn’t hot unless you are out in direct sunlight for a long period of time.

As we said good-bye to Nora, we learned that my aunt wasn’t quite ready to pick us up.¬†No matter! This {old town?} part of Gilbert includes a whole row of restaurants. We could sit and have cocktails in the open air until she arrived.

We had all the time in the world – no pressures.

Ahhhhh!!! How I love vacation!

First stop:


Zinburger Рtwo things that we love: burgers and zinfandel! Although, this chain proved to have choices and service that felt way too corporate for us:


Although, I did enjoy my Zingria! I just may have to make my own sometime.


We still had another hour or so to kill. We decided to stop elsewhere to check another box!¬†The pizzas coming out of Pomo looked exceptionally tasty.¬†It’s a certified Neopolitan pizza joint. We were too stuffed from brunch to partake and tell you if it was truly as good as Italy. Instead, a cocktail suited me well while we sat back and enjoyed the breeze before the second half of our Arizona adventure.


The Italian Job – james oliver small batch rye, luxardo liqueur, vermouth, luxardo cherry

What makes you feel like you are on vacation?

Do you like like a structured vacation or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

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A Few Arizona Breweries


There was no way we were going to bypass checking out some Arizona breweries when visiting our craft brew-loving friend Nora in Scottsdale! And since we were able to Uber around pretty much everywhere for only $5 to $7 per ride, we could take advantage and make a day of it.

To be fair, we didn’t do all of these breweries in one day. The night before our brew-tour, we had dinner at the TapHouse Kitchen in Scottsdale, where the food was okay and food was lackluster; but I enjoyed my local brew and being able to sit outside in February!

On our way back to the house, we stopped at one of Nora’s favorite breweries.

Goldwater Brewing Company – Scottsdale


I loved the small, intimate taproom at Goldwater. I’m not sure choosing the name Goldwater has any historical tie to beer; but this family-owned and operated craft brewery is located right off the corner of Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard. {That’s right next to the eclectic Sip Coffee and Beer House!}¬† But who wouldn’t want a name that would make you think of beer as *Gold* Water?!

One of the things I love doing when I’m at a taproom¬†is checking to see if a brewery has come up with any clever names for their styles of beer. In fact, I could write a whole post on this and may do so at some point! Goldwater was no exception:


Before I sipped on my Black Gold Porter, I had to get a taste of their local, unique Desert Rose Cactus Ale. After reading this description, I knew it probably wouldn’t be my style.


But I¬†was in Arizona and had never had a beer brewed withcactus beer before! So¬†I asked for a taste, which you’ll find in the background of my photo of the porter below.¬†Isn’t it a beautiful pink color!?


I was correct in my assumption of my tastes; however, I respect a brewery for doing something this unique and tying their brews to their locale.¬†My Black Gold Porter, though, hit the spot. ¬†Here’s the rest of the beer menu that night:



The next day, to kick off our Friday Beer Tour, we started with lunch at not a brewery, but a beer-famed restaurant. Angels Trumpet Ale House has been recommended to Nora several times, but she had not yet been there.

Angels Trumpet Ale House – Phoenix

It’s February in Arizona. One must sit outside. All I require is some shade for my fair skin.


Plus, there is a nice little view of Downtown Phoenix. Even this Uber ride from Scottsdale was somewhere around $12, if my memory serves me. Plus, do you see that chalkboard in the photo above? Here, let me zoom in a little closer.


Yes, those are all of the draft beers. Rob has this amazing talent to always choose a beer that has just been tapped out. Good thing there were lots of choices!

This was also where we filled up on food.

Fun-Guy - seasonal mushroom medley, garlic, torn basil, red onion, feta, mozzarella, nutmeg bechamel sauce, topped with seasonal greens - $9.50

Fun-Guy – seasonal mushroom medley, garlic, torn basil, red onion, feta, mozzarella, nutmeg bechamel sauce, topped with seasonal greens – $9.50

Rob had pizza again! He saw it recommended on Yelp or TripAdvisor. The Fun-Guy Pizza did not disappoint!

Stuffed Burrito - burrito filling that includes fries, side of pork rinds

Stuffed Burrito – burrito filling that includes fries, side of pork rinds

Nora thought the fries inside this burrito were a little strange; but otherwise she enjoyed it.

Matador - house smoked brisket, melted horseradish Havarti cheese, grilled red pepper, onion, mushrooms on pretzel bread w/ side of creamy horseradish (add jalapeno on request) - $10.50

Matador house smoked brisket, melted horseradish Havarti cheese, grilled red pepper, onion, mushrooms on pretzel bread w/ side of creamy horseradish (add jalapeno on request) – $10.50

They had me at pretzel bread. Why is it, though, I never get enough horseradish flavor? I need to start asking for extra on the side. No matter what, this food and craft brews made a great start to a beautiful day!


Sun-Up Brewing – Phoenix


The beer is brewed in this building that looks like it was meant for auto repair.


But the taproom is actually in the brewpub next door.


Did I mention it was a beautiful day to sit outdoors?!


Deciding on a beer was a challenge for me.


If I remember correctly, I¬†ordered¬†the Porter w/Cinnamon, but then¬†stole¬†Rob’s White Russian Imperial Stout after he let me taste it! His draw dropped, but he didn’t steal it back. Good husband!


O.H.S.O Brewing – Phoenix {Arcadia}

This is not to be confused with O’So Brewing in Plover, Wisconsin, which Rob and I visited last fall.

Here is what this O.H.S.O. means:


There is a patio out front. But it was full. So we went through the bar back to the “Backyard” which hails an even bigger patio! Oh and did I mention that many of the restaurants have dog-friendly patios in this area of Arizona?


That pooch was quite relaxed on the cold concrete. We loved watching all of the puppers come in! This place is so dog friendly that the walls surrounding the Backyard are adorned with photos of mutts who’ve been there!


I felt right at home in our little booth.


Now what to order?

O.H.S.O offers local beer by the pint and pitcher (roughly two beers) as well as their own.


But turn to the other side and you get all of the specialty brews.

I was all about Side B!

IMG_6010¬†There were too many I wanted to try; but I ultimately was satisfied by both the Xoco Barril de O.H.S.O. and the S’mores Imperial Stout.


I must have been hungry, too, or just really impressed with the menus, because I took a lot of photos of them! For instance, I was eyeing that¬†Brewer’s Board.


There was a pretty impressive selection of eats.


Kalua Pork, too!!!¬†Mmm…¬†


And tell me that you aren’t curious about that Beer Sorbet!

IMG_6023If you aren’t in beer mood, you could go for a Whiskey flight – including some that are locally distilled.


Or have some wine… I could imagine that would be nice on a cool evening.

IMG_6020Happy Hour is a real steal, too. I mean – $6 for a pitcher of beer? WT…?


In the end, we left full of beer, not of food. So we walked out back for the gorgeous view.


Yeah, bikers along this canal can stop right at O.H.S.O. and park for a pint.


It was the perfect place to be on a splendid afternoon.



Before we knew it, we ended up at the Pig & Pickle in Scottsdale, where we had a pint on our first day in Arizona. I kept wanting to call it Pig & Fiddle, a brew-centric pub in Minneapolis.

This is ultimately where we finished with dinner. All-in-all, it was a perfect day.

Where is your favorite outdoor patio?

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