Arizona – The Perfectly Timed Vacation


Rob and I had a vacation to Phoenix planned for February. We knew it would be a great opportunity to get away from the Minnesota cold and dreariness as well as see friends and family. Little did we know that it was unintentionally the best-timed vacation ever! After our car accident, we weren’t about to cancel our trip.

In fact, it was the best thing we could do to heal –

both physically and mentally!


I know I’ve touted several time on the blog that visiting friends or family is one of the best ways to travel. On this trip to Arizona, we were going to visit our friend and fellow Packer fan, Nora, who was transferred there for work less than a year ago, as well as some of my family.

Another reason why this was the perfect trip for us after a major accident was that we had no real agenda. It was going to be mostly relaxation and spending time with loved ones.

Our friend Nora is not only a fellow Packer fan, she is also a fellow craft brewery fan. She knew exactly how to start off our trip!

Craft 64 is Scottsdale’s answer to great wine, artisan pizza and – get this – over 30 craft brews on tap hailing from Arizona! Who knew that Phoenix had hit the craft beer craze?! {Well, Nora, of course!}


All from Arizona!

The Happy Hour was stellar. I started with Uncle Bear’s Barkley’s Peanut Butter Cup Porter, made right in Phoenix. It was very peanut butter-y, which sometimes is too much for me; but this one worked!


There’s quite a selection of wine, too, if you don’t want to partake in the brews. You can even get it …

FullSizeRender (2)…because there is a tiny wine shop area up front. Craft 64’s location is unassuming in my opinion and rather small inside. The patio out back was full when we arrived. It was the only reason we weren’t sitting outside on our first day of beautiful February Arizona weather! This was how the interior looked when we arrived, but it filled up quickly.

IMG_5910After a couple brews, we ordered some artisan pizza.


My fave was the Blanco.


Rob loved the Carne. We also ordered a Fico, which may have been good if it hadn’t been overcooked.

Overall, it was a great first beer experience for our stay with Nora in Scottsdale. What’s more is that we could Uber everywhere. It was only about $5 – $7 to get around Scottsdale at any given point. Rob and I had only used it a couple of times with friends in the past. But it is very valuable in this area. If you haven’t used Uber yet, you can get up to a $15 ride for free if you click my referral code here. It really is worth it to have a quick taxi pick-up when you don’t have any cash. You just pay with our account on the app!

If you are in the Scottsdale area and want to try something different from the spa hotel where you may be staying, I’d recommend Craft 64. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a car. Uber it!

What is the best establishment for local beer, wine and or/food where you live?



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