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The Paws



Shamrock & Sophie Saturday

We are just loving Shamrock’s fur cut.¬†Look back at how shaggy and matted our Patchwork Dog was:


There, he looks very unhappy! He wasn’t, though. He’s always been a happy dog. The only thing that would make him unhappy was when I’d brush him. I would try to brush him daily; but the mats were too much for him to handle. We were constantly cutting them out instead.

But since we got him groomed and she cut him short, life has been a breeze!


I mean, just look at these cute paws!


I do brush him daily with this short fur cut and he still doesn’t like it. But I coax him with treats. And there are absolutely no mats! I thought there might have been after we came back from Chicago, without a few days of brushing, but there weren’t. It’s wonderful. Just look at those brown eyes!


And the other weird thing – Sophie started playing with Sham again! Not quite full-on like she used to. She’s a little more reserved, but THEY ARE PLAYING! And I am happy.

Happy Saturday!