Merlin’s Rest


You don’t know how long we’ve been meaning to get ourselves to Merlin’s Rest, a British-style pub located in Minneapolis on East Lake Street. We had heard all about their trivia nights and their crazy-huge whiskey menu, as well as how busy it can get on holidays and when there is entertainment.


But we ventured there for a Sunday lunch so that we would be guaranteed to have a seat at the bar. And because it was lunch, we did not ask to see the big book on whiskeys and scotch. But those Cadbury Concoctions on the menu might have been fit for dessert!


The wine list was reasonably priced for a restaurant; so I’d feel comfortable bringing a friend who doesn’t love beer to this pub.  Plus, there are some unique and appropriately-themed cocktails:

That Islay Martini has me intrigued. But I’d save that for a before-dinner drink another day. For lunch, I was looking for something a little less boozy. I really wanted to try the draft ciders, but $12 just seemed like so much!


Then I thought about all of the cocktail bars I’ve been to where I’ve spent that much on something much less than 20 ounces. I surely won’t pass up one of those ciders next time. It’s not common to see English cider on tap. I also like that they list the half-and-half beer concoctions you see above. I always forget about those until I see them on a menu!

In the end, I went with a Fuller’s London Porter. Have you ever had a British Porter before? It’s very different from our American craft-beer styles. It had been so long since I’d had one and it really hit the spot. It sort of made me feel like I was back in London.

The lunch menu is a bit different than you’ll find on the web, so I’m posting it here. I’m guessing it changes, though, since it’s just printed on a piece o’ paper.


I was debating between the British Fish & Chips and the Piri Piri Chicken Wrap. This was the first time I’ve seen anything “piri-piri” in the U.S. So there was that. And I really hate to compare fish and chips with my fave at Anchor. But I couldn’t help myself with the ambiance and beer I was drinking…


British Fish & Chipssalted, malted and wrapped in newsprint paper – $8

When I ordered “the fish and chips”, I was asked if I wanted them British or Yankee style. British-style Fish & Chips are malted before serving. You malt them yourself if you order them Yankee-style. To get to the fried goodness, one must flip over the package and open it up.


The pre-malting makes the fries a big soggier. I do like malt vinegar; but I think I’d prefer to malt them myself next time. The fish was very, very good and I’d highly recommend this if you are looking for some British-Pub fare. Great price, too!

Rob’s choice was a bit different:

a bowl of the soup of the day {some cabbage-vegetable-beef sort, I believe} with…


RHP Croquettes red headed piper beer cheese, mash, cajun aioli – $5

Those were the biggest croquettes we’ve ever seen! They were crazy-delicious; but Rob could only put away two of them after his soup. If you are looking for a filling, tasty and inexpensive bite in town, this is the one! But after all that heavy, fried food, we were in no shape for dessert. But in case you were wondering what’s available….



Okay, so now we need to go back to Merlin’s Rest to play some trivia sometime. Who wants to join us?

Do you like pub food?

If so, what’s your go-to?




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