What I’ve Been Reading…


I have picked up reading again and it has been glorious!

I’ve fallen in love with the library! It’s what made this all happen.

Finding books I want to read and putting them on hold and then picking them up when they are available – what could be easier? I use my receipt as my bookmark so I know when to return it.

Here are a few books I’ve been reading since my last post:

girl on the train

Fiction – I chose Girl on the Train because I kept seeing it everywhere. I liked that the book was told from different points of views of the different characters. And it kept me guessing what had happened! But I thought my guesses were even a bit more creative than the ending was. I liked the book, though I didn’t love it.


ella in europe

Non-fiction – Yes, another dog book! I’m sure Amazon recommended this one to me or something… This true story of a man taking his beloved {and well-trained} pet around Europe, because why not?! I loved every moment of it. Dogs do bring people together and light up many faces. I could not find this book in the local library card catalog, so I had the used version shipped to me. If you want to read it, let me know and I can send it your way!


happiness project

Non-fiction – When I set out to begin reading again {what I mean by that is to always have a book that I’m reading}, I didn’t realize how many non-fiction books would come my way. Rubin’s account of her very own Happiness Project is quite detailed, sometimes scientific and almost overwhelming at times. However, there were still quite a few takeaways for me!

In fact, now that I’m writing this almost a month later, I’d like to skim through it again and put those little happiness reminders on post-it notes. I’ve begun following Rubin’s blog and have started to listen to one of her podcasts. There are little nuggets of info that I think anyone can pick up and apply to his or her life.


all the light we cannot see

Fiction – I’ve seen All the Light We Cannot See on bestseller lists and recommended often. It’s popular enough that it took a while to become available at my library when I placed a hold on it. Then I had to make sure that I could read it in the two-week time span because there were no renewals allowed on this book!

I had a hard time getting into this book at the beginning, mostly because I wasn’t focused and I didn’t understand the author’s writing style yet. Once I got into it, I went back and could totally see the opening as if it were a movie! The book bounces around from the points of view of different characters {somewhat like Girl on the Train} and jumps back and forth to different time periods, too. Some of the book took place in St. Malo, a little seaside town in northwest France which I visited back in ’97. It was like I got to go back, but back in time!

The author was very knowledgeable in certain areas for this time period, but sometimes a little too detailed and technical for my reading pleasure. And, as with most books, I found the ending to be hurried to tie up loose ends. It could have ended earlier without the “where are they now” details, really.


I am currently tried to find books set in Montréal or Québec because that is where Rob and I are traveling internationally there this year. I have found the following books recommended in searched on The Google and purchased them used off ThriftBooks.com because my library doesn’t carry any of them.

Do you have any book recommendations that are set in Montreal or Québec?

Name one book you read lately that you believe is a must-read!




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