Rob and I had a date with our friends Sally and Ryan last weekend to check out a craft cocktail bar called Constantine. We had already been to the Commodore together not long after it opened {which I never did write about!}.

It’s located in the basement of the Ivy Hotel in Minneapolis. When you walk into the Ivy, don’t be fooled by the hotel bar on your right… Make sure you take the stairs down to Constantine. It’s a dark bar with an almost mysterious ambiance.

Although, none of the cocktails really spoke to me. They seemed to be a little more fru-fru than I tend to like.

IMG_6712 They did have other options; but I was there for a cocktail!


I ended up going with the 3 Stacks of High Society:


It was still a bit sweet to me, but probably my best option. 10What I do like is that they use real candles here. That’s a huge 3-wicked one in the background in the photo above. The ambiance is great – very loung-y. Although I didn’t love the drink list, I’d come back for that reason. Rob would come back for the Dim-Sum style menu!


I must admit, I am intrigued. We didn’t eat there that night because we just had dinner upstairs… Come back tomorrow for that one!

Do you know of a restaurant that serves Dim-Sum style that is not a Dim-Sum restaurant? 



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