Fremont Brewing – Barrel Aged Series


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

I’m always sending Rob links that come to my inbox about the best underrated beers or breweries in the U.S. The links are often from Thrillist. I sent him such a list a couple of month’s back. Unbeknownst to me, he forwarded one particular beer on to his friends out in Seattle. And just before our anniversary, this box arrived on our doorstep:


Rob’s best friend, Chad {who used to blog, but hasn’t in years}, shipped it Rob’s way. Because, you know – just because. BUT… Rob decided to share it with me, who loves all things bourbon barrel, for our anniversary! {Or around our anniversary… because you know, we were in Chicago.}


We tried them on separate occassions, so I can’t even tell you which one I liked better:


Does that beer ^^ not Scream, “CARRIE!”???


And this one should probably been saved for winter:


But who has time, patience or willpower to wait for that?!


Thank you, Chad, for sending Rob this beer! And thank you Rob for sending Chad that list and then sharing the beer with me!

Do something for someone you love today – just because.



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