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Lakeville Brewing Company


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Last Friday, my husband had a surprise for me! He was taking me to the opening of the Lakeville Brewing Company, in of course, Lakeville, Minnesota.


I didn’t know where we were going until we arrived. It was their opening day! There’s a nice-sized fenced in area with room for picnic tables and games. It’s dog-friendly, too! The inside was packed, but we lucked out with two seats at the bar.

LBC is a brewpub, too, so we considered having dinner there as well:


We were intrigued by the Reuben Nachos. What would you order from this menu?


To be honest, though, we decided not to dine. We don’t usually go to a new brewery nor restaurant when they first open because we know that there are always kinks to be worked out. So we can’t attest to the food.

Not only do they have food, but they are also a full-scale bar with wine and cocktails!


Did you notice they have Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon on the menu? I’ve been picking up a bottle of that whenever I see a $2 rebate on ibotta. But now, ibotta even offers a $2 rebate whenever you order a glass of Tom Gore Cab at any bar or any restaurant!

But what about the beer?!


Well, we can’t attest to that either. I wanted to try their Milk Stout, which was not available. {Did they print their menus too soon!?} And Rob wanted to the try the American IPA, which was in the process of being charged and was to be available later that evening. Instead, we went went with those Sweetland Orchard guest ciders. They were quite nice for a hot day. But it wasn’t until after we ordered them that we saw the listing of beers on the wall, which were somewhat different from the menu.


Rob said that if he would have known he would have tried the Laurentian Porter. But after looking it up, found out it was a smoky beer by HammerHeart. {A brewery we love, when their beer isn’t smoky…}

What I do find too bad is that their logo is a bit similar to Excelsior Brewing Company. But, yes, we’ll have to make a trip back to Lakeville Brewing to try their actual beer. HA! I found myself criticizing a few things. Then I stopped in my tracks, reminding myself that this was just the beginning.

Which reminds me, I have yet to tell you about all the improvements to Nutmeg Brewhouse in Burnsville!

Have you ever been to a brewery or restaurant on the day it opened?

What were your thoughts?