The BT


While on our trip to Michigan, we took our annual pilgrimage to the Beaverton Tavern, affectionately known as The BT. And what would a small town bar/eatery in Michigan be known for?

Mexican Food!

{of course?}


Well, not authentic Mexican, no. I wouldn’t even say Tex-Mex. I might call it Mich-Mex because I had never heard of a Wet Burrito until I started dining with Rob in Michigan!


In any case, The BT is still in the dark ages and doesn’t have a website online other than a Facebook page. {Okay, so they are not completely in the dark!} But their menu still is! It’s not listed online and the dark interior and speedy service at The BT makes it hard to take a quality photo before my menu is confiscated! 🙂


Still, I hope these menu pics are a bit more readable than my last post (or at least more updated!) This post goes out to all of you (a good majority!)who  come to my blog just find out what’s on the menu at The BT.


I honestly didn’t try too hard getting these photos, so I know they could be much better. But do you blame us? We were too busy winning at Keno and eating The Best Nachos. {Minnesotans, Keno is available for your gambling pleasure in Michigan instead of Pull-Tabs!} Perhaps next time I’ll pull off some better ones? Yes. Now I’ve got an excuse to get back to The BT.



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