Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Last weekend, we watched Miss Lyla. She took Sophie Jean’s place in Saturday’s Dog Day 5k, since Sophie had been limping and had a bit of a sore paw.

Every night, when I’d go to bed and read, it was a three-dog night. 😉 {Sophie kind of blends in with the blanket. Can you see her?!}

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While Lyla’s daddies were gone, I stopped by their place and checked on their other critters: kitties, sugar gliders, finches, a bunny and a guinea pig. Lyla has a lot of siblings!


Cuteness overload ahead!


Cadbury the Bunny…

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Louise the Guinea Pig…

I got to feed Cadbury and Louise some lettuce and hay!

I could just sit and watch them eat all day. How can you not smile watching their dainty little munching?

Cadbury likes to be held. Now Rob wants a bunny. Somehow, though, I don’t Shamrock will let a bunny stay very long. He already terrorizes the ones in our backyard!

And how can you not love Louise’s adorable face!?


The finches are new. Want to name them? Jared says that Desi and Lucy are in the lead!


Then we have the Sugar Gliders, which were no where to be found until after I put the bowl of food in their pen…


I always feel like these nocturnal creatures are looking at me with alien eyes!

And yes – they do fly! Well… glide. When Jared got his first one, he brought him over on a visit. It flew across the room and escaped under the couch, luckily because Benny went right for it and would have had him for dinner!

And last we have the kit-kits. Stewie {the gray one} is the most talkative and greeted me at the door. They were hungry, immediately eating the dry food I poured them and following up with a communal wet food platter!

All the sweetness you could want for a Saturday, no?!

Happy Saturday!




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