Quebec City: Breweries & Brunch


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

We had heard that the Saint-Roch is kind of a hipster and happening area of Quebec City. In particular, I read about Korrigane Brasserie Artisinale online. An artisan brewery? Hell-yeah! Off we went.

IMG_7182I’m sure Rob ordered Black Kraken IPA Noire on that menu. At his point, I was confused because not everyone understood what we wanted when we were looking for a stout. And here, this Stout à l’Avoine was labled “Cream Ale”, which is totally different from a stout. I later learned that Stout à l’Avoine is an oatmeal stout! {More beer vocabulary!} Now I’m not sure if it was mislabeled, mistranslated or if it can have more than one meaning here.

But I didn’t try that one to find out. Instead, I was intrigued by the Emily Carter Pale Ale aux Bleuets – a Blueberry Pale Ale. So good! I don’t know when nor why I so easily started shying away from pale ales. Because I’ve been finding more lately that when a pale ale is infused with something, I tend to love it.

It was Canada Day and no one was really out and about yet. We hadn’t had breakfast, so we decided to split something for an early lunch: a European Hot Dog.


I think that Rob was expecting all hot dogs in Quebec to be like the hot god of his life at Inox. Alas, that was not the case. It was more a traditional Quebecois dog:


The typical Quebecois hot dog is topped with a shredded cabbage/relish, almost like a vinegary coleslaw or sauerkraut. The bun was nicely toasted, but I only had a bite. I liked that mayo was served with the fries, but I was pretty sick of fries at this point!

Our server was fantastic. After learning how much we liked craft beer, she gave us a Drink Local Beer Map! Okay, so now we knew what we were going to do for the day. And we would have never known about these other breweries if it hadn’t been for her. Several of the breweries were right in the Saint-Roch area.

Our next stop was Noctem.


This list really helped me learn more French beer vocab! I also like how the columns are labeled qui (who), quoi (what), and comment (how) to describe the beers on tap.

Rob ordered a guest beer – the Frampton Brasse Stout Imperial Russe. (I think you can figure that one out.) I had Noctem’s own Belzebuth Stout Pamplemousse et piment-oiseau – a stout with grapefruit and chilis. Strange combo, but good.

While there, I noticed that there was a microscope in their tank room.I’ve toured enough breweries that I should understand the brewing process; but that is something I don’t remember seeing in a brewery before. Either they take their stuff seriously or I’m just ignorant. Do you see it?


A tour group came in and got their samples. We finished our beer and decided it was time for a real meal if we were going to keep drinking beer – a late brunch next door at Pub du Parvis!


I liked the idea of a Morning Poutine; but it just sounded like way too much. I had to go with something completely different… The St-Roch! It was only fitting.

St. Roch

The St-Roch Crêpe stuffed with scrambled egg, bacon, mozzarella, topped with hollandaise sauce with green onions served with homestyle potatoes and toast.

I just realized right now that I did not get the “smoothie of the day” listed on the menu. Obviously, I didn’t care! This was something I could never get at home and was so delightful. You guys know how I don’t like bacon in my food; but this was just fine. It was balanced enough that it didn’t overpower the entire dish. Rob even had a bite and did not decline when I offered him another!


Per Rob’s usual (and because he ate most of that hot dog earlier), he went with a couple of side dishes: sausage and brie. Because when can you just order a side of brie on a menu!?!


I’m sure the brie was more for my benefit; but the sausage was divine. And truthfully, we found that all of the sausages we tried in Quebec were tasty because they were free from grizzle and the weird textures you sometimes experience.

At this point, I was way too full. Otherwise, I could have totally gone for any one of these unique desserts!

I want one now…


To be honest, we only did one more brewery stop of the day…


We totally missed their extra terrasse out back until right before we were leaving, but had this nice seat at La Barbarie‘s bar. This microbrewery has quite the little Viking theme. Check out those tap handles…


Here, I wanted to try something different. I had seen it on a couple menus, something I’ve never seen at a brewery in the states: Sangri-Bière. I had to ask if it was a Sangria made with beer instead of wine (no) or a beer made to be more flavored like sangria (yes).

It is definitely a fruit beer and I dug it. Not something I’d order often; but it was good on such a hot day. It was served with fruit like a glass of sangria would be, too!


There were artists’ work for sale strung up on the walls. For some reason, I was really drawn to this one, though blue is my favorite color. I just love it!


Do you seek out certain types of places to dine, drink or shop when you are traveling?

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