5 for Friday – What I’ve Been Reading


I always love the 5 for Friday posts I see across the web. There is something wonderful or people expressing 5 little tidbits that come together, whether they be expressions of gratitude, products or services liked, events that happened, links they enjoyed.

Since I’ve been absent for over two months, you can imagine that I was either busy or not motivated. I was overcome with waves of emotion that only a good book could tame and keep my brain occupied. I thought about grouping the books together for you in little 5 for Friday snip-its; but they proved more difficult to categorize than I thought. Besides, I didn’t want to share all of my favorites and then have a post of duds! So you may just get them chronologically over the next few weeks.

All of the books in this post were read right around our October trip to Michigan…



Underground Airlines
by Ben H. Winters 
(fiction) – worth a read

It’s present day. However, 4 states in the U.S. have not abolished slavery. Seriously. It’s a crazy concept. I heard a review of this book on NPR while driving to Green Bay one weekend. I was immediately intrigued. While I felt a different story could have been done much better in this insane setting, I could see this book as a movie. Though, I haven’t researched if that will be happening.



Loner: A Novel
by Teddy Wayne
 (fiction) – worth a read

I knew nothing about this book before reading it, nor do I remember where I heard about it. It’s a new release that I put on hold and got to be the first to read my library’s version when it came available. Whoa. I don’t want to give too much away and giving my opinion of what it reminds me would spoil the end. Let’s just say that it’s written from an, um… interesting perspective.



Beautiful Blue World
by Suzanne LaFleur
 (fiction) – worth a read

Whoa. This is an imaginative take on war and how children could be sent to participate. It takes place in a total fictional setting from the eyes of a child. It’s a very quick read and filled with emotion.



Hyperbole and a Half:
unfortunate situations, flawed coping mechanisms, mayhem, and other things that happened

by Allie Brosh
 (non-fiction) – worth a read

This is a book with illustrations from the blog of the same name. I discovered it when I was looking for some feel-good books. I like the humorous perspective because it makes you laugh, but it’s not 100% feel-good. I was, however, intrigued by her take on depression. Also, some good dog stuff, too… if you like that sort of thing. (I do.)



Miracle’s Boys
by Jacqueline Woodson
 (fiction) – worth a read

This is a quick, worthy read of only 144 pages. What amazes me is how Woodson can fill such few pages with a full and beautifully-told story. I’ve just read another book of hers and find her writing soothing even though she explores how death affects people.



The Bafut Beagles
by Gerald Durrell (non-fiction?) – DNF

I know that this book turns my “5 things Friday” in 6, but I wanted to add a book that I Did Not Finish.

I ordered this book from PaperbackSwap.com because I couldn’t find it at my local library even though it gets such high ratings on GoodReads. It was the last book I was reading on our trip to Michigan and I was having such a hard time pushing through it. It is an account of the author’s trip to the Cameroons in the 1949 for the collection of zoo specimens. I believe that is is non-fiction; but the book reads more like a novel and some of the accounts just seem unbelievable or embellished. But what do I know about such things or that era?

It was a difficult book for me to read because of some of the treatment of the animals, but would we know about so many animals in the world today if someone had not collected specimens? Alas, I unintentionally left this book behind at my in-laws’ place. I didn’t bother with asking them to send it to me. I wasn’t really enjoying it anyway.

Name your favorite feel good books! {fiction or non-fiction}

{I’m looking for suggestions!}



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