Recipe Fail… sort of


I had my first recipe fail out of the best cookbook you’ve never read. Well, it wasn’t a fail, really – I ate it! It just wasn’t the amazing goodness, I’ve had from all of Jules’ recipes so far! {See broccoli and green curry soup, cooking with canned fish, salads and stir fries, and broccoli + protein and I have several more to post!} It may also have been my fault. I decided to make my own variations. Oh well, it’s only from failure that we learn!


Spanish Chicken with Chickpeas

Ingredients: chicken thighs, smoked paprika, chickpeas, cherry toms, almonds

Here are my notes, with what I changed in blue:

  • I believe the point of this recipe is to teach that you need to pound your meat (here, chicken thighs) thin in order to get them to cook fast. I didn’t have any chicken thighs, so I opted for some shredded chicken I had in my freezer. I thawed it first.
  • I didn’t have smoked paprika, so I used the regular paprika, but I wanted to up the flavor ante; so I looked up some Spanish flavors on the google:

  • Here, I added one heaping tablespoon of minced garlic to the olive oil in the pan, as well as 1 oz of diced kalamata olives. <– loved this addition!
  • Overall, I found this recipe to be dry.
    • This could be that I didn’t have any juices from freshly cooked chicken thighs.
    • Maybe I didn’t use enough EVOO in the beginning. (Though I didn’t give it a little finishing drizzle.)
    • Maybe I should have cut the tomatoes in half to let the juices flow.
    • Or maybe I should have used canned tomatoes.
    • In any case, my version of this recipe was definitely in need of a sauce of some sort.
  • This recipe took me 11 minutes.
  • Will try this recipe again, maybe. 

Any suggestions on how to improve a dry recipe?



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