The Easiest Salad Ever – Just 3 Ingredients!


The day I discovered this salad, I was busy working and just did not want to cook. Not even for the easy 10 minutes that all of recipes in Jules Clancy’s recipes in 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes, should take. I really just didn’t want to think. That’s when I turned to this salad recipe that just three easy ingredients:

Yes, seriously.

And while Clancy encourages just dumping your canned salmon right into the bag with the greens, squeezing in some lemon and eating your salad from there; I put mine on a plate for you all. (I also thought a whole bag of greens seemed like so much, so I only did a bit more than a half bag. Truth be told, it wasn’t too much!)

And it got me thinking that there really is no excuse for not eating healthy. Anyone can walk into a grocery store and pick up these three items fairly easily… whether it be while on vacation or during a workday.

Salmon and Mixed Leaf Salad

Ingredients: canned salmon, washed salad leaves, juice of one lemon

The possibilities are endless, my changes in blue:

  • Vegetarian? Jules recommends some goat cheese or ricotta.
  • Vegan? Her recommendations include garbanzo beans or mushrooms.
  • I drizzled about 1/2 tsp of olive oil over the top and seasoned mine with Himalayan Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper. Yup, I got all fancy.
  • You can use bagged salad or any combo of leaves and herbs you have leftover in your fridge.
  • Since I’ve been so heavy on the pesto recipes lately, I think this would be good with a dollop of that, too!
  • You can add any leftover veg you like in your salads as well or any type of protein, really.
  • Use tuna and add a little dollop of mayo like you would a tuna salad!
  • Add some avocado or some cooked rice if you want some extra staying power.
  • But even if you stick with the 3-ingredient recipe, you have an easy, quick, healthy meal that takes way under 10 minutes!
  • This took me as long as it takes me to open my bag of greens, dump it on a plate, open my can of salmon, drain and dump it on the salad and squeeze a lemon. I didn’t think it was necessary to time myself this go round. 🙂 Add a few extra seconds to drizzle my olive oil and season with S&P, though.
  • Will make again in a pinch.

How would you change/adapt/jazz up this recipe to suit you with what you have in your fridge and pantry right now?




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