Soup (Book) Week: Skinny Soups


It’s Soup Week!!! Or, rather, Soup Cookbook Week. This week, I’m reviewing 5 soup cookbooks I’ve recently discovered.

In case you missed it:

Let’s hop right along to the next one…


Skinny Soups:
80 flavor-packed recipes of less than 300 calories

by Kathryn Bruton (cookbook) – worth a flip

Truth be told, I checked out this cookbook from the library and keep renewing it because I have 15 pages flagged but haven’t made any soups from it yet. So many soups, so little time (and freezer space!)

I like the fact that Bruton has a page explaining some of the unusual ingredients in her cookbook! Some of the oddball ingredients in Magic Soup threw me off because I didn’t know if they were completely necessary. She also has a page on how to make a simplistic stock – whatever the meat (or no meat) of choice may be.

I’ve been reluctant to bring this book back because I have recipes such as these flagged:

  • Blackened Tomato and Ancho Chile Soup with Citrus Sour Cream – because I have some dried anchos in the pantry that need a home!
  • The Quickest Tomato Soup – I’m still looking for one we love.
  • Egg Drop Soup – I’ve never made this.
  • Mexican Posole Verde
  • Turkey and Black Quinoa with Peas & Basil
  • The Hangover Soup – I have recently learned that soup is the cure.
  • Black Rice, Banana and Coconut Breakfast Bowl – so not soup

I’ve added this cookbook to my lists at both and {<– referral links!} since; but it’s never in stock. And guess what? At the time of this writing, I just did a quick check on Amazon and found it for just $4.50 with free Prime Shipping FTW! As soon as I receive it, I can swap out the flags and relax that I can make these soups any ol’ time I please.

Is there a book you’ve been reluctant to bring back to the library or return to a friend until you get your own copy?!



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