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Merry Christmas from Sophie & Shamrock


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our house to yours!





Pup Cup


Shamrock & Sophie Saturday

Last weekend, while daddy was out of town, Sophie and Sham got their first Starbucks Puppuccino. It’s not on the menu, so you just have to ask. I believe they are free. {Which, if that is the case, that means that a medium Americano is about a dollar more at Starbucks than Caribou. And it takes 20 minutes to get through the Starbucks drive-thru line! DOH!}


The puppuccino has no caffeine. It’s just a bit of whipped cream in a cup. I, personally, would rather call it a Pup Cup! Needless to say, they were enjoyed.


But see Sophie up there^^? 

She tipped her cup upside down and made a mess on the seat!


Sure, she licked it clean; but the seat’s a little crusty now. What would you recommend using to clean it?

Happy Saturday!

Playing Again!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

About a year ago, Sophie had a wart removed. I know that as Shih Tzus tend to get more and more of these as they age. The reason why we had this one removed is that it was on her back and it would get scratched and bleed when she and Shamrock were playing.

But then she stopped playing with him altogether.

Even after it healed!

I was so devastated. I didn’t understand what had happened. But slowly, she started to play again in the last few months. But only on her terms. Each play session was very short-lived and if Sham did one thing that she thought was too rough, she called the whole thing off.

But at this year’s dental cleaning appointment, the vet discovered that my little Sophie Jean had a fractured tooth below the root. OUCH!!! She also had to have some little front incisors removed that have shown complete bone loss. She is 11. It was expensive, but we had them extracted. She already was going under for her covered yearly dental cleaning.

And now she is back playing again – full throttle! They play for lengths of time again. Still, Sham is very careful not to play to hard in fear that she’ll want to stop. She’s even initiating play again. It makes me wonder how long that tooth has been hurting her. I’ve yet to get that perfect video, but here’s a fun excerpt.

Happy Saturday!


Phoebe the Shih Tzu!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Remember when I told you that I traveled with some friends down to Iowa to help my friend Kim pick up her puppy? Well, I was lucky enough to see Miss Phoebe just four days later:

At about 10 to 11 weeks old and just 1.8 pounds, she is such a doll!

FullSizeRender (1)

I just can’t handle the cuteness. Especially when those sweet little eyes look up at you!


Seriously, remind me if I’m ever down to just go visit some puppies. Puppies = happiness.

FullSizeRender (2)

It’s even better when it’s your friend’s new puppy because you don’t have to deal with all of the difficulties of puppyhood. You just to get to enjoy the cuteness overload as she prances across the floor.

I was curious how Shamrock would react to a puppy this size.


He looks pretty happy there, but he was honestly very intimidated. They got so close to playing, but neither of them were quite sure how to initiate it. Perhaps if they get to spend more time together.

Here is a nice little video of the moment they met:

The video cuts off short because that bark really surprised me. On the 5-hour trip home just four days prior, she hadn’t made a peep!

Rob was really upset I didn’t take any longer videos. I didn’t even think about how difficult it would be to get videos and photos of a moving target. Plus, I wanted to enjoy every moment. I am excited for many more play dates with Miss Phoebe. She loves people and seems like she is going to be a cuddle girl, just like my Sophie Jean. She is going to bring so my joy to Kim and her daughter’s lives!

Happy Saturday!

Just a Summer Weekend!


Last weekend…

I don’t know if I told you that I took up running again. As much as it frustrates me with how slow I go, I just have to remind myself that I am still doing something. I just like the feeling of breathing easier after every run. I love that feeling in my lungs!

This weekend, amidst the heat and humidity, Rob and I ran the Chocolate 5k around Lake Como in St. Paul. We’ve done this track before for the Challenge Obesity 5k {which has since been moved farther north}. However, this trail was a bit different. We didn’t run on the walking trail which is closest to the lake, but the biking trail, farther out. The posted results seem skewed, even though they said they were accounting for the fact that the finish line was really 3.5 miles and they had a separate mat at the 3.1 mile mark. Still my 5k app and Garmin have my 5k right around 45 minutes, while their results are like 8 minutes longer. I don’t get it.

That is soooo incredibly slow, even for slow me! Here’s the steamy after photo:


My worst 5k run was 38:40. So, 45 minutes is a jump.

Here is a list of my 5k race results (the ones I’ve run) for my own personal comparison:

  1. 38:54
  2. 38:20
  3. 38:40
  4. 36:08
  5. 38:27
  6. 37:44
  7. 35:35
  8. 38:13
  9. 37:35

I have to take into account that all of those were in 2012 when I was in the throes of running and before back surgery. And now that I look a bit further, I have only run one in one other 5k race completely since and that was in 2014, about a year after surgery and that one was higher yet at 42:40.

But it was hot; it was humid and I told myself to keep it slow and keep running under a target 5 Heart Rate Zone. I wanted to enjoy the run – the oxygen circulating through my lungs. I didn’t want to feel frustrated or like I was going to pass out or that I had started off too fast like I did when I did a trial 5k run earlier in the week. And truth be told, my only struggle was a small hill.

I would like to say I ran the whole thing, but I did stop to walk for a water break half-way through. I normally don’t hydrate during a 5k, only before and after. But it was just too hot not to so.

And while running, I did not partake in any of the Ghirardelli chocolate that was being passed out on 4 different occasions on the course. It just didn’t sound good to me at the time. {I know! Me and chocolate!} I also didn’t want to take it and just hold it until the end because I knew it would just melt in my palm!

I did, however partake in the Choc-ola after the race!


The night before, I was up from 12:30pm until 4am, too. It wasn’t due to nerves about the race, but first because I was hot, then because Rob was snoring, then because of the dogs keeping me tucked in. I started to read because that usually helps me get back to sleep. It didn’t.

No matter what, I’m glad I did it.

We followed up with brunch at the French Hen and a couple of beers at The Gnome. I followed that up by a 2 1/2 hour nap! Then it was off to dinner with the girls… more on that to come!

Sunday was busy, too… with a 5-hour trip down to Iowa to pick up this pretty little thing:


Meet Phoebe, my friend Kim’s new Shih Tzu! There’ll be more cuteness to follow on a Sophie and Sham Saturday, I’m sure!

How did you fill your weekend?




Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Last weekend, we watched Miss Lyla. She took Sophie Jean’s place in Saturday’s Dog Day 5k, since Sophie had been limping and had a bit of a sore paw.

Every night, when I’d go to bed and read, it was a three-dog night. 😉 {Sophie kind of blends in with the blanket. Can you see her?!}

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While Lyla’s daddies were gone, I stopped by their place and checked on their other critters: kitties, sugar gliders, finches, a bunny and a guinea pig. Lyla has a lot of siblings!


Cuteness overload ahead!


Cadbury the Bunny…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Louise the Guinea Pig…

I got to feed Cadbury and Louise some lettuce and hay!

I could just sit and watch them eat all day. How can you not smile watching their dainty little munching?

Cadbury likes to be held. Now Rob wants a bunny. Somehow, though, I don’t Shamrock will let a bunny stay very long. He already terrorizes the ones in our backyard!

And how can you not love Louise’s adorable face!?


The finches are new. Want to name them? Jared says that Desi and Lucy are in the lead!


Then we have the Sugar Gliders, which were no where to be found until after I put the bowl of food in their pen…


I always feel like these nocturnal creatures are looking at me with alien eyes!

And yes – they do fly! Well… glide. When Jared got his first one, he brought him over on a visit. It flew across the room and escaped under the couch, luckily because Benny went right for it and would have had him for dinner!

And last we have the kit-kits. Stewie {the gray one} is the most talkative and greeted me at the door. They were hungry, immediately eating the dry food I poured them and following up with a communal wet food platter!

All the sweetness you could want for a Saturday, no?!

Happy Saturday!



Diablo is Back! {The story of cats}


Shamrock & Sophie Saturday

Last weekend, while Rob was out of town, Shamrock started barking loudly at the front door. No one had even rung the doorbell. I went to the door and peered out. No one there. I went to the dining room to look out that window… AHA!

It was Diablo!IMG_6817

Diablo’s owners never did return our call. So we figured that they are okay with him roaming the neighborhood. I actually saw him earlier that morning when I went on my run. He darted out of our driveway toward his house {presumably}, but hid behind the curb at the intersection, with his little ears seeming to peer apprehensively over the tall grass of our neighbor’s yard. I just said, “Hello!” and went on my not-so-merry way. {It was a hard run.}

When Diablo spotted me in the window, he came towards it. Even when I put a chair up to the window so the dogs could see, he didn’t seem phased by their barks.


I did not grow up with cats; so I’m not sure how to take care of one. I mean, that litterbox stuff and all that. I do like kitties, but learned I was allergic after countless sleepovers at the neighbor’s place as a kid. My eyes swell up so badly. I have since learned that I can usually be around them as long as I make sure not to touch my face after petting them!

Diablo made himself at home…


Seems quite comfortable on our porch, no? Our dogs are semi-used to cats. I say this because Rob’s parents used to have a cat named Westie. Whenever we’d go to visit, Sophie would play with him. They’d use their paws to box! It was so adorable. Until one day, when Westie passed away. The next time we went to visit, Sophie went into the house and immediately went looking for Westie – under the bed, in all of his hiding spots. When she came into the room where all of us were catching up and just started whining, my heart broke. 😦

Rob’s parents now have Abby, with whom Sophie does not play. Instead, Sham terrorizes her. As he does our friend Sally and Ryan‘s cats when we visit them! I *think* he is just playing…

Still even if Diablo was trying to ring our doorbell to come in and play…


I’m not sure if I want to find out if Sham is just being playful or not!

Happy Saturday!