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Yesterday was National Cheeseburger Day


Did you know that yesterday was National Cheeseburger Day?

My husband suggested that we go out for cheeseburger. I obliged because it was only the American thing to do!

So, naturally, we went to Fong’s

a Chinese restaurant in Bloomington.

We debated where to get a burger on such a special day. We wanted to try someplace new. Then, our friend Shondra {who works at Fong’s} posted on Facebook that it was National Cheeseburger Day and to come out and visit her. We recalled that she recently told us that her place of employment actually served really good ones. So we decided to pay her a visit…

And boy are we glad we did!

We ordered this burger (to split) with cheese, fried onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo:

That’s all this baby needed. It was soooo good and hit the spot for a classic Angus burger. Rob said that it instantly shot up into his Top 10 list. I was rather surprised. He’s had so many burgers by now that, he might have to separate them into “Classic” and “Specialty.” Either way, if it made that list, it’s in need of a revision.

Tip: The burger is not on the regular menu, so you’ll just have to ask for it. Apparently, it’s on the lunch menu and there is a kid’s version on the dinner menu, as well. But they’ll have no problem putting in an order for you. And get this: The burger is only $7.25. {Add 50 cents each for cheese and fried onions.} We consider this a steal.

Speaking of steals, the Happy Hour isn’t too bad either:


Naturally, because we ordered a burger on National Cheeseburger day in a Chinese restaurant, I ordered a margarita.


Fongs MargaritaSo you think that’s funny? Well, here’s what even funnier. Because Rob wasn’t sure if the burger was going to be as good as he wanted it to be, he said we’d split it and ordered the dish that has been continually his fave at Fong’s:

Fongs Lo Mein

Beef Lo Mein

Keep in mind that the portion you see is half-eaten. You can get at least three meals out of this baby. He still loves it, but was kicking himself as I polished off the burger. {Of course I gave him a couple of bites!} Oh, by the way, the fries are worth trying, too!

Then, as I checked out their website to link in this post, I realized that the real name of this restaurant is:

David Fong’s Cantonese & American Cuisine

No wonder they know how to do a good burger.

Did you eat a burger for National Cheeseburger Day? If so, where & why?

Where’s the craziest place you’ve had a burger and loved it?


American Burger Bar – St. Paul


Since tomorrow is Independence Day in the U.S., I find it only fitting to give our impression of the American Burger Bar.

We happened upon American Burger Bar when we couldn’t dine at the restaurant we had planned on because there was a private event. I thumbed through our Groupons for something in the area and found a Restaurant.com gift certificate for the American Burger Bar.

Since Rob is a burger enthusiast, we’d been meaning to try this place. The reason why we hadn’t? Restaurant.com gift certificates never expire. We are always trying to use up our expiring Groupons first.

While there are also locations in Minneapolis and St. Joseph, we dined at the one situated in downtown St. Paul. The interior had more of a supper club feel, not what you’d expect for a burger joint.

American Burger Bar claims that their burgers are:

“Handcrafted and Delicious

“Handcrafted burgers, fresh-made malts and an amazing beer list helps make American Burger Bar a major treat for everyone!  We use only the highest quality meats, cheeses, and breads in preparing your food.”

Sounds right up our alley, right? Well, here is our impression.

We started with the Chorizo Feta Dip for an appetizer. I didn’t even notice it on the menu, but Rob ordered it. How he knew it was on the menu without me reading it to him, I have no idea. 😉

Chorizo Feta Dip

This dip was better than expected! I’m glad Rob ordered it. It was very similar to a spinach artichoke dip, but with a spicy kick from the chorizo. This could easily be split between four or more people or would be too easy to overeat! My tip would be to put a small amount on your plate so you can gauge your portion size.

Mr. Burger Connoisseur ordered the:

Smothered Patty Melt

What a cute little All-American look on the top slice of the bread! The cheese melted into an “A” with a couple of American flags gives it a nice touch. However, the novelty was lost on the flavor. There was none. Maybe Rob and I have had too many above average burgers that we just weren’t impressed by this one.

I ordered the:

Turkey Burger

Because I had originally planned on something healthier that evening, a burger was going to be a little bit of a challenge to put in my calorie budget for the day. However, I was at a burger joint. And since I hadn’t ordered nor made a turkey burger in a really long time, I thought this was the place to order one. Their burgers are handcrafted after all.

But what I got was a frozen patty. No, my burger did not come to the table in a frozen state. However, it was obvious that this patty came from the freezer. This was far from half-crafted. I guess one could argue that I didn’t order an actual burger. However, if you are going to be “burger” bar, don’t you think all of your burgers should be made well? Especially when you boast “high quality meats”? The burger was disgusting as was the sauce sitting next to it on the plate above. The fries weren’t even worth it. Don’t worry, I didn’t go hungry. I still had that chorizo dip.

Oh yeah, and their “amazing beer list” was less than stellar.

Our verdict? We were grateful to have that Restaurant.com gift certificate rather than pay full price for this food. We have no reason to go back again. There are so many other places that have better burgers in the Twin Cities.

Fire up that grill this 4th of July, because you can definitely make a better burger at home!

What’s your favorite kind of burger?