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Bacon-Covered Meatloaf with Creamy Mustard Sauce


When my mom was in town for the week cleaning my house {I know, I am spoiled. It’s the best gift ever!}, we wanted to take her out to dinner to some of our favorite places. But during the week, I also wanted to cook for her after a long day on her feet. I had to make sure our dinners were Rob-friendly. Of course, I made his beloved San Marzano Pasta. Another night, I did some easy Zatarain’s Jambalaya.

Then, I thought of something.

Rob doesn’t like leftovers. If I’m lucky, he’ll eat one serving. A while back, I made him a meatloaf that he adored. However, it makes six servings, which would normally mean that there were four leftovers for me. I do like leftovers and all, but not that much. With mom in town, that meant that we could each have a serving and each have a leftover for lunch the following day. Win-win!

First off, let’s be honest – I’m not much of a meatloaf fan.

Maybe it’s the overabundance of ketchup? Before watching Melissa d’Arabian make this particular version on the Food Network, I’d never actually made meatloaf in my life. And you’d think with my strange aversion to bacon on and in my food, you’d think this recipe would be a turn-off for me. But I like Melissa’s concept of Ten-Dollar Dinners. And the fact that she is married to a Frenchman {and ovbiously a francophile herself} means she creates some great French and French-inspired dishes. So I’m a follower. But on this particular episode, she made a recipe, I thought Rob would love!

Meatloaf with Mustard and Sour Cream Gravy

{Recipe link here.}

The thing is that Rob is turned off by any dish labeled gravy. I know it makes him think of the traditional Thanksgiving Day kind. So when I told him that I was making a Bacon Meatloaf, I just said that it would be accompanied by a Creamy Mustard Sauce. Because that’s all it is, isn’t it? 😉 Truthfully, I didn’t think he heard me after I used the words Bacon & Meatloaf together. I had him at that. Still, for my purposes, I’ve renamed the dish:

Bacon-Covered Meatloaf with Creamy Mustard Sauce

I hope you don’t mind, Melissa! {I’m still givin’ you all the credit.} And it’s soooo good and juicy. Surprisingly, the bacon isn’t overpowering, which is one reason why I usually prefer my bacon on its own. My mom gobbled it up, too, along with the side salad I served with it. I promptly gave her the recipe, so I’m sharing it here with you, too. I had fully intended of taking a photo of it when it came out of the oven, but my diners were anxious to eat and I completely forgot about it. So you’ll have to make do with a photo of one of my containers of leftovers. It’s still pretty yummy-looking, if you ask me.


Bacon-Covered Meatloaf with Creamy Mustard Sauce

I followed Melissa’s recipe almost to a “T”. However, I did use panko breadcrumbs, the spicy Italian sausage and a leaner ground beef. I also didn’t use the recommended special equipment – a glass loaf pan. I didn’t find it necessary. I just used my regular non-stick one. It’s only used for molding the meatloaf anyway. The leaner ground beef worked just fine, so I’m sure you can lighten up this recipe in many ways, too.

Give it a try, I’ll bet you’ll love it. In order to have less leftovers for the two of us next time, does anyone know how to adapt this recipe into a small loaf pan? Half the ingredients? Then cook for how long? Sometimes it is easy to half or double a recipe, sometimes it’s not as simple.

What are your tricks and tips to adapting recipes for more or less people?

How ’bout your tricks and tips to lighten up recipes?

Have you ever renamed a dish so your family would eat it?