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Sunday Growlers


No, this post is not one about my pooches growling on Sundays…

It’s Thirsty Thursday!



Did you know that you can now get growlers of beer filled on Sundays in Minnesota?!!!

Okay, I’m not sure it’s everywhere in Minnesota or within certain city limits; but it’s a huge boost for taprooms because the general Minnesota law prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sundays {except for consumption on the premises – like at a restaurant, bar or taproom}. That’s right, you cannot pick up a bottle of wine, the vodka for your Bloody Mary or a six-pack for the game on Sundays if you live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

But you can visit our craft breweries.

And now you can get your beer there to-go on Sundays!

This seems as if it’s been in effect for longer than I’ve known; but I first noticed it when we elected to check a few brewery boxes after our Sunday lunch at Merlin’s Rest. We did a quick search for nearby breweries that were open and made our first stop…


Urban Growler

Urban Growler is a brewpub – the first woman-established/brewed in MN – located in a warehouse in St. Paul.


This ^^Bump of Cold Press is really starting to become a thing!

Of course, we weren’t there for the food, but to savor a pint. I had a taste of the Plow to Pint Maple California Common. But I ultimately ordered the Hayloft Series Sweet Chai Porter. A tasty porter, but maybe a little too much chai for me.


Rob ordered what I presume to be the best thing on the beer menu…


Yes, the Plow to Pint 10,000 Plums Barleywine is by far the best Barleywine in the Twin Cities, in my opinion, and probably one of the best either of us had in a very long time. Can you imagine, too, how much work was put into that?!! {Re-read that description.}


Right next door is Bang Brewing, housed in a silo. But alas, they are not open on Sundays… So on our way home, we stopped at another St. Paul brewery that we had not yet visited – Bad Weather.


We do enjoy Bad Weather’s Ominous Double Brown Ale {sold in bottles and sometimes on tap at restaurants}; but it was out of season. Rob settled on The Hopcromancer IPA. After a taste of one of their sours, I ordered a half-pint {I love when those are offered!} of something completely different from my norm…


Tippin It Down ESB with Eary Grey Tea

From their website:

A spot of tea for that rainy day? Nothin’ better than slurping a hot Earl Grey when the weather is frigid and wet, am I right chap? No? You would rather a pint of bitter to drown away that crummy day? Why not both?? Using our patented whirlpool technology (we threw tea into the whirlpool vessel), we have injected Tippin’ it Down ESB with REAL Earl Grey tea! Spicy, citrusy Earl Grey is lovingly steeped into chewy English malts to create the perfect beer for when it’s Tippin’ it Down out there…

This was a beer that really spoke to me that day… But maybe I was in a British-kind-of-mood. 🙂 Though, I’d love to try the craft sodas at Bad Weather, too!

This was also when I discovered {okay, I’m behind the times} that it’s legal {at least in Mpls and St. Paul} to sell growlers on Sundays. People stopped in for new ones and to fill old ones up. We didn’t get any to-go; but love that the option is there now.

Have you had a beer that isn’t usually your style that has surprised you?

If so, which beer?

Have you filled a growler yet on Sunday?