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Country Fair!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

You’ll find this funny, but I didn’t notice that there was a BarkBox on our doorstep until I was taking out the garbage out and spotted a black cat next to it… sniffing it. When he saw me, he darted in my direction! Friendly kitty!

I soon learned via his collar that his name was Diablo, but it took a little bit of coaxing to try to read the phone number off the tag. We do have a neighbor a few houses down {who we don’t know} that I’ve noticed a cat or two running around outside and they don’t seem to be phased by it. Perhaps Diablo was one of these kitties who is allowed to roam?

I called the 666 number {creepy for a cat named Diablo!} and left a message indicating where he was; that I was able to pet him, but not hold him for an extended period of time. I know that if it were my pet, I’d want someone to call. However, the owners never called back. I guess they are okay with him roaming the neighborhood.

Diablo didn’t get any part of this BarkBox, but Sophie and Sham were happy to!


I thought that this month’s theme would be picnic-related…


As a side note, when Rob threw something away the next day, he almost jumped at the sight of the ants! He then realized it was the Barbox paper in the trash.

But I was a bit wrong about the theme:


I found the comic entertaining with a “Sniffing Booth” and one animal saying to the other “Now you pet me!” in the Petting Zoo. There was also this for additional human entertainment:

IMG_6789But it was this part of the card that excited me most! 


Another multi-part toy for Sham. Oh how he adores these!


However, Shamrock did not see the novelty at first. I had to take the squeaky balls out for him… Three in total.


We’ve been playing Fetch with them every since. And one morning, he nibbled on the “crust” and I had to remind him that it was empty and his red balls were scattered around the house.

Shamrock did stop to smell…


… (and bite)… the flowers!


He likes his little bouquet. Nibbling on the petals brings him joy. But Sophie’s concern was what treats she could possibly get out of this box. It smelled like something for a reason!


I love that all treats are sourced and made in the USA. Sophie and Sham promptly received a beef jerky straight from the box that night; but we are saving the other BarkBox treats to bring on vacation…

Happy Saturday!

Best BarkBox Ever!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Okay, I really loved this month’s BarkBox theme! It’s April – the month when it starts to really feel like spring here in Minnesota. (Well, some days!). Also, baseball season begins! I don’t even like baseball. But I’ve learned to enjoy bits of it because my husband does.

And this month’s barkbox is naturally baseball-themed!


Okay, so I love the “Score” at the bottom. How stinkin’ cute!


I think this month was such a fun collection of items to go along with the theme…


Did you notice that this month’s chew is in the shape of a pretzel?!! Stadium eats!


Sophie and her dirty beard got it out of my hand the second I unwrapped it.


And seriously, the name of these treats… Love!


The mitt toy is cool, but I know Sham will take more to the Fire Ball because of all of the pieces he can nibble.


We love our pooches so much… and love that they can get fun finds like this every month. What will we do when our subscription ends? Probably re-subscribe. Sham’s favorite toys are ones I never would have even though about picking up for him in a store. You can get a free BarkBox added to your subscription this month when you sign up your pup. Just click here.

Happy Saturday!


New Boo!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday


snarly pooch

We just haven’t been able to keep up with Shamrock’s fur lately. It’s the added Pekingese in him! No matter how many times we brush him or cut out all the little mats (patch work dog!), it is a never-ending situation. What’s more is that he brings everything in the house. From burrs, to sticks, to leaves, to snow. It just clings to him. I had almost an entire branch from a bush once. It was so common that I was going to start a new blog called Stuff Sham Brings In…

We finally took him to get groomed. I think Rob had been holding off because we did this to Benny years ago and they shaved him. He looked so uncomfortable and embarrassed! He was miserable for weeks until it started to grow out again.

So when Sophie had her own grooming appointment, we brought Sham along to ask the groomer what could possibly be done, short of shaving him. She was able to squeeze him in that day!

The result?

A new Boo!


Shamrock Bugaboo that is. 


He’s still soft as ever, but there are no mats or snarls. I’ve been brushing him every day since. {He still hates it, even when there are no mats!} But generally speaking, he’s a pretty happy guy.


And he’s trimmed nice and short underneath so he hasn’t brought in a single thing from outside – yet.


He almost looks like a puppy again!

When they got home, we opened this month’s BarkBox. Little Sophie Jean always get so excited and wants to tear into it right away.

This month’s theme?IMG_6270



There were no real puzzle toys, but we are stocked up with treats, chews and toys for another month!

Oh… and you can get one month free added to your subscriptions when you enroll your dog into BarkBox. Treats and toys delivered to your door every month. {Sophie and Sham get excited about every box that comes to the door now!}

Happy Saturday!

Sophie Jean Fell off the Bed!


Sophie and Shamrock Saturday


{Photo Source: Sitters & Friends Sally & Ryan}

Tuesday night, in the middle of the night, our dear Sophie Jean fell out of bed. Yes, our dogs sleep with us. Yes, I know it’s not the best thing for any of us.

I didn’t even hear it. In fact, I only woke to the light on in the bedroom and my husband walking around and had to ask him what was going on.

“Sophie fell out of the bed. She can barely walk. She’s limping. She may have bruised or broken her leg.”

And it was true. She limped. We had to take her outside and set her on the grass to do her business. But that was difficult since she couldn’t put any weight on her front right paw. Poor Jean!

I felt so bad for her. I couldn’t get her an appointment to see the vet until 2pm on Wednesday. When I went home from work to pick her up, she almost seemed worse.

She still limped when we got to the vet; but she was also shaking pretty badly because she hates it there. But all the while the doctor pulled and prodded at her limp leg, she didn’t make a sound. We were hoping to find out where it hurt her the most so that they could localize where they could take x-rays.

That didn’t happen. And by the time we left, she was putting a little pressure on her paw, as if to say,

“See, Momma! I’m fine! I don’t need to be here. Let’s just go home.”

We decided to give her some pain meds and anti-inflammatories and re-evaluate the x-rays in a few days. In the meantime, little Jean was confined to a kennel during the night and when we were away at work. She hasn’t been in a kennel since she was a pup; but it was a good way to keep her in one place and to stop her from getting up on the furniture and jumping down.

Luckily, by Thursday night, Sophie seemed good as new!

I canceled the x-ray appointment and am continuing to restrict her activity just in case it’s the pain meds that are making her feel like she can do anything. I am so glad she hasn’t broken anything!

In the meantime, something came to our door to distract us…

That’s right, it’s the monthly BarkBox!


The dogs know the word BarkBox as well as they know outside, treat, bu-bye and walk.

Here’s this month’s loot:


The little to-go container of treats was helpful when I took Sophie to the vet. I gave her a few to distract her so she wouldn’t try to jump up and down on the bench like she always does there when she is nervous. I didn’t want her to make her paw/leg worse!

These treats have become our new breakfast treats:


We only feed our dogs in the evening; so in the morning they get a few breakfast treats. We use these bigger treats for breakfast and smaller “trainer” treats as rewards.

Shamrock usually goes straight for the toys in the box, but he didn’t seem too fond of the Peekaboo-Hoo this month.

I think it is the hat that freaks him out. When we first rescued him, he was afraid of all men, especially if one was wearing a hat.

I am quite thankful that Sophie seems to be doing better; but I think the pooches are grateful that they are still receiving their BarkBoxes! Click here if you’d like to get your pooch a BarkBox. The link will add a free box to your subscription and to Sophie and Sham’s!

Happy Saturday!




Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Yes, these two are my babies. {Pronounced Bay-Bayz!} I’d do just about anything for them. They bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. I think they would say the same about their monthly BarkBox.

This month, because it’s July in Minnesota, we opened the BarkBox out on the deck.


The contents are circus themed!


But there is something that already jumped out of this box…


This is the Bearded Lady


Ever since we adopted Shamrock, Sophie hasn’t really played with toys much. I firmly believe that is because Shamrock is now her toy! Berfore that she had always played with toys on her own because she and Benny were never playmates.  😦 However, Sophie and Sham play All. The. Time. It’s wonderful. But that means Sham is the one that usually plays with the toys now.

However, out of the blue, the day after we got the BarkBox, Sophie grabbed Bearded Lady and started shaking her up! She used to like to find the squeaker in toys, but this toy is a little different. It’s not one you squeeze, but shake to make more of a giggle sound. It was confusing her, but she had no problem pawing at it and throwing it around!

Then, of course, there are the treats, the most beloved part of the BarkBox.

Now, I need to pick up some baby carrots to try out the Veggot.

Think your pup would love a BarkBox? Sign up via Sophie & Sham’s link and BOTH you and they will get a free month added to your plan!

Happy Saturday!


The Best Article I’ve Read in a Long Time…


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

This post is supposed to recap what came in Sophie & Sham’s June BarkBox. But I want to take a minute to link you to The Best Article that I’ve read in a really, really long time. You know that I ❤ pupper dawgs, so a restaurant review from that point of view just melts my heart.

You *must* read this one about Stanley’s NE.


I loved that article so much that it prompted me to buy this Living Social deal to Stanley’s. We are still debating if our pups are well behaved enough to bring them with us.


 Now let’s move on to this month’s BarkBox.IMG_3227

Sophie and Sham were just panting away when I said the word “BarkBox!” That’s all it takes.

As soon as the box is open, into it they try to go…


Space Rover! What could be in a box marked with, “To infini-pee and beyond!”? These items:

IMG_3236Although there was a little “Ruv Note” indicating that we would be receiving something else in place of the last item on the list. See “To the Dog of the House”  below. It was one of those beef knee cap things that replaced the Swisher Sweets. An odd name, no?


Sham instantly went for the Star! It’s funny how the new toys always become his favorites! But he quickly dropped it when I opened this:

IMG_3238I had Daddy break the chew bar in half so the two could share. Happy dogs all around. Now, if only they’d write a post about their BarkBox like Camper did of Stanley’s NE. Maybe I could bribe them with a treat next month…

If you’d like to sign your pooch up for BarkBox, click Sophie & Sham’s referral link to get a free box added to your subscription!

Happy Saturday!

Garden Pawty


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Sham and Sophie now know the word “BarkBox” and respond to it just as they would respond to “treat.” Sophie came running out of the bedroom into the living room the last time I said the word. I haven’t been able to get a good video of this yet, but here is a start…

Until I get a better video, let’s talk about May’s BarkBox. The paper inside had a little something different printed on it this month. And it just happened to be this month’s theme:


Garden Pawty!

The insert describing the contents even looked like an invitation.


I was half-expecting Sophie to get a fun hat to wear out in the sun. 🙂 But they received the following instead:


Sham went right for the butterfly, which we have dubbed Flutterby, as this is what Rob has called butterflies every since I’ve known him. The FETCH bone was ignored, but not the Farmers Market treats! The chews will be saved for a rainy day.

In other news, this month, Sophie and Sham were granted V.I.Pup status. This means that they were able to give a month of BarkBox to three friends for free! Those boxes are long gone; but they have good news. You can get a month of BarkBox free with your pooch’s new subscription, too, by following Sophie and Sham’s link here. Full disclosure: They will get one free, too. Everybody wins!

Happy Saturday!