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When Food Tastes Better…


New Beaverton Tavern Menu updated (as of May 2016) in another post! Click HERE.


This week, I’ll be finishing up the last of my posts on our trip to Michigan. Here’s something I learned:

Food tastes better and is more appreciated and savored after a HARD workout.

It was mid-July and I wasn’t quite back into running. Yet, I still knew that I needed to get some sort of exercise. This was when I was working on my LOST 42K virtual race. During that time, I did some longer walks than I had done probably in the past year. But on both occasions, two meals that I loved last year didn’t please me much. In fact, I was somewhat disappointed. 😦

First up, the nachos and puerco flautas at the Beaverton Tavern this year were good, but didn’t leave my taste buds as satisfied as they usually do – even after a 7.65k power walk around the lake and back. I still think I will get them again next time. Maybe things were just “off” for me that day.

As an aside, I need to post their menu, in case you are looking for it. If you aren’t, check the interesting variety of food at this place! {Or just feel free to scroll down past them.}

First is the Menu found in the Gladwin Buyers Guide.

And now some photos of the menu from the dimly lit bar. You can click on the photo of each menu to enlarge them.

Apostrophe Pet Peeve

Apostrophe Pet Peeve

Have you ever had South of the Border Spaghetti?

Have you ever had South of the Border Spaghetti?


Pizza or Dessert?


Later in the trip, when we dined at Castaways in Bay City I knew that I wanted the Island Burger because I adored it so last year. But again, I just wasn’t thrilled nor satisfied. I am almost 100% positive that it was the fact that last year I ran 3+ miles in 95-degree heat beforehand. This year, I was still out of commission from running and I just took the dogs for a walk. It wasn’t a very long one. Sham continues to be a little difficult on a leash. I didn’t work up a sweat at all. It was a bummer.

So was my burger.

It’s amazing how much running can do for you mentally. During a run, I’m fighting with myself most of the time. After a run, I feel incredible, lighter and happier. And later, when I’m up to eating, it makes food even more pleasurable.

One thing that I’ve discovered is that working out is the true form of relaxation. Why? I wouldn’t say the working out itself is particularly relaxing. However, the relaxation part is how you feel afterward. There’s a sense of accomplishment. Afterward, you can sit on your butt if you want to and just watch TV or read or do anything you want…


You aren’t relaxing at all if you just come home and “relax” because you think you deserve to do so. Instead, you’ll feel guilty for all the stuff you aren’t doing, like the workout you promised yourself or the mess you’ve meant to clean up. And you’d probably have the energy to do that cleaning after you’ve worked out, too.

Have you noticed you enjoy food more when you’ve worked out?

What is your definition of true relaxation?


Beaverton Tavern – Beaverton, MI


Who would have guessed that when traveling in Michigan, you can get some of the best-tasting Mexican food in a little tavern in a small town?

I’m using the term “Mexican food” loosely because frankly, in the Midwest, you don’t often find authentic Mexican food, even in many restaurants owned and operated by Mexicans. And I don’t think Tex-Mex is quite accurate as a label either. I’m reading a cookbook titled The Homesick Texan thanks to Kat. By what I’m learning, I don’t think we can truly call all Mexican-American food Tex-Mex. The flavors and cooking techniques in Tex-Mex cuisine are a specialty all their own.

In general, Midwesterners make their Mexican food a little more simply. And while I do like spicy food {hey, this blog isn’t called Season It Already! for nothing}, “Minnesota Spicy” is something quite different. It’s used to refer to mildly spicy food that Minnesotas tend to think are SPICY. Now, I didn’t grow up in this state, but over the years, I’ve come to learn that if spice is on a 5-point scale where 1 = mild, 3 = medium and 5 = hot; Minnesota spicy would probably be equal to a 1.5. 😉 Minnesotans, do I have that one right?

I digress.

This post isn’t about spice or Minnesota.

It’s about nachos… in Michigan.

Nachos have become an American staple in any bar-and-grill-type restaurant in the United States. Wouldn’t you agree? They have evolved into a type of food that has become almost as classically American as a hot dog. {Don’t you see nachos on the menu at every baseball game?}

In any case, every time we go to back to Michigan to visit friends and family, we have to go the The Beaverton Tavern.  We affectionately call it “The BT”. {I have no idea if locals call it this, but we do!}. And we nearly always order the same thing:

Shredded Beef Nachos

Oh how I wish that my pictures turned out better here… But it’s a little dark inside. {Have you ever been in a brightly lit tavern? I didn’t think so.} And apparently I didn’t have my flash on, nor was I paying attention. I was probably too anxious to eat the dang things. You’ll just have to take my word on this one:

These nachos are perfect.

I am not sure that I have ever had better!  No wonder they were voted Mid-Michigan’s Best Nachos & Burritos by WNEM TV 5 Viewers.

The topping-to-tortilla chip ratio is unmatched. I even think nacho guru Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats would approve.

They use real cheese. When it comes to nachos, Rob and I disagree on this one: real cheese vs. cheese sauce. I’m a Wisconsin girl, so I want the real, melty thing. Plus, it’s just better quality! And while Rob argues that the cheese sauce is better and makes true nachos, somehow he can overlook this at The BT. Otherwise, he’d order something else, right? And usually, he won’t share these nachoswith me. But I talked him into it this time around.

Here’s how:

On my very first visit to The BT back in 2004, not knowing about the nacho perfection, I ordered this:

Puerco Flautas: Shredded pork & cheese in flour tortillas, deep fried, covered with a sour cream sauce and served with picante rice & refried beans

Um yeah. There really is nothing healthy going on here, but oh-so-good. That’s why, on this visit, I convinced Rob to split it with me. {Or actually, I ended up having only a couple of bites and he stole the rest… At least he shared the nachos!} It was at the end of that meal that we agreed that all future annual visits will require the splitting of the puerco flautas and the shredded beef nachos at The BT. You know, big life-altering plans and such. I still wonder how they make and keep their shredded pork and beef so juicy! {Maybe I don’t want to know. Naiveté does have its virtues.}

Here’s just another note on Mexican food in Michigan restaurants. You can laugh at me all you want, but I had never heard of the term “Wet Burrito” until I came to Michigan. But they are a common menu item at restaurants I’ve visited throughout the state!

While I assumed that a wet burrito is one that is smothered with a sauce like an enchilada, it wasn’t until I started writing this post that I actually looked it up to be sure. 😉

And one last, completely unrelated sidebar about The BT: They have excellent croutons. My father-in-law likes to ask for an extra side dish of these highly seasoned, saturated pieces of crunchy goodness.

Where have you found the best nachos?

What’s your preference on nachos – real cheese or cheese sauce?