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Some of the Best Food I’ve Had in a Long Time…


I haven’t been writing much on the blog about the restaurants we’ve been visiting. There are several reasons for this, but rather than bore you with them, I’d just like to jump back on that wagon… because last weekend I had some of the best food that I’ve had in long time!

Wise Acre Eatery

This south Minneapolis restaurant has been on my wishlist for quite some time. I know that farm-to-table is kind of an over-used phrase these days; but the intention behind this one is real. They have their own farm in Minnesota that sources nearly all the ingredients on the menu.

It came up because my husband and I wanted a weekend breakfast, but I know he’s not a huge fan of brunch (typically when it’s a buffet). I did a few searches and when I found Wise Acre Eatery with a burger on the menu, I knew it was a win!

We arrived just after opening and were quickly seated to a table. We normally sit at the bar, but it just didn’t feel right on this occasion. But they do have one! I had a nice view of the kitchen from my seat. We really loved the ambiance.


Per my usual, I had a difficult time deciding. We read that WAE is known for their bacon. But by the looks of the menu, it didn’t seem like there’d be a bad choice!


I was completely intrigued by the Chili Platter! It’s nothing I’d normally associate with brunch. I considered ordering it, but was also feeling eggs… So in the end, I went with the special of the day risotto special of the day.


For the record, Rob ordered the ^^Apple Lemon Verbena Soda on that specials board and loved it!

Lilac Risotto - with crispy ham hock

Lilac Risotto with crispy ham hock, parmesan cheese, butter blanched peas and a poached egg. Served with a grilled baguette topped with honey lilac butter – $16

You Guys. This was the best risotto of my life. It was perfect. Creamy, cheesy, buttery with the nice crisp of the hearty greens, a drippy runny egg to stir in, peas that pop in your mouth. Oh and that baguette! I wanted another, perfectly grilled with a smear of lilac butter. I wish it were always on their menu. But alas, that changes… for good reason. Remember? They source their own ingredients and are therefore seasonal, silly.

Rob did {surprise! surprise!} go with the burger. He did seriously consider the risotto and the some of the other items on the menu, though!


Royal Brie and Bacon Burger – 1/3 lb Scottish Highland beef, farm fries and WAE housemade ketchup

Gorgeous, no? Overall, Rob thought the burger was okay. {Though he was jealous of my risotto after one bite!} He didn’t think it was seasoned very well. My bite didn’t have any brie, although it was a small portion that was beautifully whipped! I also found the bun, although nicely toasted, to be a bit bread-y, over-taking the flavor of the burger. That bacon though – insane. I’d say it’s more like pork belly. It probably is, I just don’t know about these things.

Those fries though! Rob said some of the most underrated fries in the Twin Cities. {If we’d ever update his best fries list, I imagine they’d make it!} The homemade ketchup had a flavor that I couldn’t put my finger on; but I wasn’t fond of it. No matter. The fries didn’t need them and we rarely eat ketchup anyway.

I boxed up the rest of my risotto because I was quite full. But Rob insisted on the dessert menu. Since I didn’t take a photo of that menu, here is the back of the regular menu that lists the desserts as well:


Rob was ogling over the Shake Diane; but the dessert menu had dessert beverages on it as well. That was when Rob ordered himself a glass of white port, but only after I ordered this, making me feel really guilty!


Chocolate Cupcake with housemade ganache

This cupcake was a chocolate-lover’s dream. It was moist and decadent. I guess I was just hoping it wasn’t a dried out cupcake sitting around in their display case! It most certainly wasn’t. We went home with full bellies and a desire to return… sooner than later!

What’s the best Special of the Day that you’ve ever had?

{Maybe one you wish they’d bring back!}