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In a Gutter in Green Bay… {Closed}


So, the Townline isn’t the only eating and drinking establishment that has shown up in my parents’ neighborhood since my move to Minnesota…

We have been to The Gutter a few times…

Okay, so it’s a bowling alley with a bar and restaurant. And it has changed hands a few times. I believe it was called the ProBowl when it first opened. They served food, mostly pizza. As The Gutter, they used to outsource their food to Cranky Pat’s. However, Pat has moved on since {too cranky, perhaps?}; and now the Gutter is serving up delights from its own newly-established menu.

Rob and I like this place because they serve local beers. It was the first time that we had O’So Night Train ON TAP, the beer that my dad. It was no longer available on this past visit, but just look at these draft prices!

photo 1

{P.S. I’m making no apologies for my horrible photos in this post. We are in a Gutter, after all.}

We often order the Stone Arch Tilted Kilt Scottish Ale (Appleton, WI) at Townline. But it was at The Gutter that I first discovered the Titletown Green 19 IPA (Green Bay, WI) this past year! As far as I remember, Titletown Brewing Company was the first brewpub in Green Bay. I didn’t even know that they were now producing beer for consumption off premises. I especially like the name of this beer: Any Packer fan can recognize Green 19 as a play call Rodgers yells on Sundays!

But because this visit was over the Christmas holiday and I had never had it before, I tried the Hinterland Winterland (Green Bay, WI). It’s a nice winter ale with just a hint of juniper. Very enjoyable.

Their Winter Warmer drinks and Daily Specials were nothing to scoff at either:

And the descriptions on the new menu were very impressive. So much so, that I had no idea what I wanted! I finally settled on something.

Black Oak Sausage & Gourmet Mac N Cheese Pan Seared Black Oak Sausage with Roasted Pepper an d Onion Cheesy Cheddar Mac 10.99

Black Oak Sausage & Gourmet Mac N Cheese
Pan seared Black Oak Sausage with roasted pepper and Onion Cheesy Cheddar Mac – $10.99

I didn’t love the dish. I think it was the kind of sausage that didn’t suit me. But I liked it enough to eat the leftovers the next day. My favorite part were the added onions for texture and flavor.

But it was way too much food. This huge portion of pasta came with not only a salad, but also the choice of a side. I chose these to share with my husband and dad:

Truffle Fries Fresh Cut Fries Tossed in Truffle Oil, Parmesan Che ese, Parsley, and Served with a Side of our Homemade Alfredo Sauce. P erfect for Dipping! 5.99

Truffle Fries
Fresh cut fries tossed in truffle oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and served with a side of their homemade Alfredo sauce

They weren’t bad, but I didn’t get much truffle flavor as I did the aroma. Plus, it was just too much to eat! The boys each opted for a specialty burger.

The Gutter Burger Brulee Juicy Course Ground USDA Choice Beef. Caramelized w ith our Gutter Spice, Chipotle Bacon Rashers & Smot hered with our Homemade Alfredo. Brulee’d then Topped with Crispy Parmesan 8.99

The Gutter Burger Brulee
Juicy course ground USDA choice beef, caramelized with Gutter Spice, chipotle bacon rashers and smothered with their homemade Alfredo. Brulee’d and then topped with crispy parmesan – $8.99 

Both Rob and my dad loved the flavor of their burgers. It was a unique preparation and combination of toppings that I’d never seen before! Rob said that it was just a pre-formed patty, probably out of the freezer, but that it was seasoned very well. So he wouldn’t have any problem ordering it again, nor the side of tots he got with it.

Moral of the story? Don’t judge. You can get some fancy food in The Gutter.

What kind of gourmet food have you found at a bowling alley?