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A New One – KLUTCHClub {A Review}


Subscription Box Saturday: KLUTCHClub 

KLUTCHClub describes itself as “Your Health Product Authority.” It’s a health and wellness subscription box company. Their boxes include healthy snacks, personal care products, fitness products, online memberships and supplements. They claim that they guarantee at least $50 worth of products in each box every month.

What has made me hesitant about KLUTCHClub is the vitamin and supplement portion. I’m just not into that sort of thing. It kind of weirds me out. It’s what’s made me reluctant to try their subscription, especially at $10 per month + $8 shipping. I think that’s a little steep for a box when you aren’t sold on wanting to try what could be inside.

Then I saw a Living Social Deal to give it a try for just $4. YES! Of course, when I used my deal online, I did have to pay the $8 shipping that KLUTCHClub charges its members. I’m okay with shipping costs. I know that many people have a hard time with them. But have you shipped anything from the post office recently? It’s not cheap, people! {Besides, I think giving free shipping for everything could lead to a subscription box company’s demise. LINK}

My Groupon {er, Living Social Voucher} was for a Best Of Box. Normally, the Best Of Box is more expensive than their normal subscription. At $17 + $8 shipping, is it worth it? I’m really not sure because you don’t exactly know what is in the box you are purchasing. You are given an idea of what kind of things are included, but they are sure to state that contents may vary.

Still, the $12 I spent for this KLUTCHClub box was well worth it!

First, you pull open the box, as if it’s a drawer:

slide open the box

Sometimes the boxes themselves are just fun!

Then, take out all of the contents for display:


When reading online about what the contents of the Best Of Box might be, there was a list of possibilities. I have included those categories here, but I am only listing the items that actually came in my box. {Because, you know, actual contents vary.}

The website indicated that the Best Of Box might include:

All Natural Home & Personal Products such as:

  • Guam Beauty Mud ($8.00) – tighten, tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite with this age-defying body mud.

Innovative Workouts such as:

  • Daily Burn 60 day FREE trial ($30.00) – 2 month membership to the premier home workout program offering a variety of programs for any fitness level.
  • Lumosity 1 Month Gift Card ($14.95) – 1 month membership to the web’s #1 brain training program.

Healthy Snacking Options such as:

  • SoyJoy Bar ($1.50) – all natural snack bar made with whole soy and real fruit that providing essential nutrients and fiber.

This Best Of Box contains over $75.00 of value* for only $25.00!

*This is a special edition best of box highlights and displays popular products, but all are based on availability. Contents may vary, but each box will include a selection of over $75 of products and brands that have been featured in our monthly boxes.

Honestly, none of those items thrilled me. But I also received:

  • A full-sized box of King Arthur Whole Flax Meal – I actually forgot about this until I posted my photo! It’s stashed away in my pantry. I love all of the comments for uses on the King Arther Website!
  • Natural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress Drink – Truthfully, some tea will calm me down a lot better some powdered diet drink. It’s not what I’d go to for stress.
  • Full-sized c. Booth Honey & Almond Body Butter – I LOVE this stuff! Sure, some ingredients I can’t pronounce, which is usually a turnoff. But this stuff softens the driest skin when nothing else seems to work. And the scent is sweet and lovely. Even better? It’s only $6.99 a tub. There will be a re-order when this is gone.
  • 2 Chic Shampoo & Conditioner – These are travel-sized – slightly larger than you’d get in a hotel. I tried them out on a weekend trip and while I don’t have anything bad to say about them, they weren’t memorable enough to describe.
  • Cremo Shave Cream – This product is strange. Feel free to read their claims on how it works, but I was thrown off by these odd directions:

This Cream is unique: please read!

Rub skin with the hottest water you can stand for 30 seconds (in shower works best or use a hot towel).

Cremo Cream is highly concentrated and water activated. So, lightly coat skin with an almond-sized squeeze and let plenty of water mix with it. Less is often best.


Add water as needed to make & keep it slippery, effective and easy to rinse from razor.

Massage back into skin you want to re-shave. This cream is so effective, most can comfortably shave against the grain for an even closer, longer lasting shave.


But by far the best item that arrived in this box were the Women’s Yurbuds Inspire Earphones.

I have little ears and have always had trouble getting earbuds to stay in them. It’s so annoying that I’ve more than once wished we could go back in time to regular old headphones! I since discovered the kind that hook over the top of your ear. They work, but they look a little silly because I have to adjust them to be pretty small. I’ve never found any other earbuds that I like, nor would I pay the astronomical prices to try any of the hundreds that claim to stay in place.

But these do!

I put them in the very first time and forgot about them when I went on a walk. That’s how comfortable they are. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who has trouble with earbuds like I did!

The Yurbuds Inspire Sport Earphones for women are a prime example of basic meets exceptional. These earphones combine TwistLock Technology, sweat proof and water resistant enhancers and a rugged design in one package. What’s not to love? They are also designed specifically to fit smaller ears and utilize FlexSoft technology, so you can be sure they’ll stay comfortable the entire time you wear them. These earphones will never fall out, guaranteed and feature a Lifetime Warranty. Train in color and comfort in the Yurbuds Inspire for Women. 

I would say that their claims are spot on! This is what made my KLUTCHClub Best Of Box worthwhile. These particular earbuds normally go for $29.99!

Despite that wonderful surprise, would I sign up for KLUTCHClub? No.

The monthly $18 club cost is a little too steep for not knowing what weird supplements might be included. Yes, I am totally thrilled about my newly found earbuds. However, what if those and the Body Butter weren’t in the box? What if I hadn’t found things that I liked in it? If I hadn’t bought this box at a discount, that would have been $25 down the tubes.

Because buying the Best Of Box automatically signs you up for KLUTCHClub, I canceled. I first looked back at past boxes and and there were a lot of things described as “nutritional” and “vitamin-enhanced” that I know I just won’t use. At least, for the most part, with the other subscriptions boxes I get, I find a use for 95% of the items. I do have two main rules to subscription boxes:

  1. Only get one “type” of box (i.e. food, beauty, dog). Although I’ve broken this rule as of late! I’ve been comparing and then trying to chose one.
  2. Only get boxes with things you will use. It’s not a deal if you are paying for things you won’t.

Since I got some weird items in this box, I’d like to know what is the weirdest item you ever received!