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42k – LOST Finale


I’ve completed the Get LOST in Running Virutal Race Series!

The number 42 is the last in the series of numbers on Hurley’s lottery ticket from the TV series LOST. The numbers reoccur often in the series…

LOST lotto

Thus, it is the last race of the series. Or is it?! Joe, who has been running the Get LOST in Running Virtual Races {as well as sending out some pretty awesome medals after completing each station!} may be extending it. After all, there are ten Dharama Initiative Stations on The Island, not just six. πŸ˜‰

In any case, here are my results of the first 5 stations I completed in accordance with my Walking Program:

Station 1 – the Arrow 4k and Station 2 – the Hydra 8k

Station 3 – the Swan 15k

Station 4 – the Flame 16k

Station 5 – the Pearl 23k

With Station 5 and Station 6, I split up the distances across many days to complete them. This “final” segment took me a while to finish. When it came to Station 6: TheΒ  Orchid 42k, I originally challenged myself to complete it while on vacation. Unfortunately, I only walked two of the days, completing only 15.3km on vacation.

But I don’t regret it. I stayed active. We rode bikes, paddle-boated, went swimming, walked the dogs… It was a summer family vacation of activity! When I returned home, I reconfigured my plan to complete and finish all 42k by yesterday (Sunday). Why?

Because I’ve been cleared to slowly get back into running again!

Which means, my Couch to 5k program begins today!


Here’s how I completed the LOST Station 6 – Orchid 42k:

Sun 6/30: – 7.65k – 1:13:10

photoThis was my first attempt to do a rigorous walk while on vacation. With the 42k, I was not counting leisurely walks or walking of the dogs. This had to be fitness walking only! While my app indicates that I walked 11.05km, the actual distance around the lake and back is 7.65km, as I mapped out online. That’s the distance I’m going with. NO cheating here!

Mon 7/1: – 7.65k – 1:15:03

photoI took another walk around the lake and back. This time, RunKeeper was a bit more accurate showing I walked 8.28km. I’m still sticking with 7.65km. After that walk, I ceased to do any major walks on vacation. When I returned home, with the weather heating up, I opted to do a run or two on the treadmill.


Mon 7/8: – 1.17k + 6.11k = 7.28k – 1:12:35

These photos may be deceiving. While I was doing my walk, I meant to increase my speed but instead hit STOP at just 1.17 km. However, I started my timer on my iPhone at the very beginning and kept it running through both that walk and what I walked after that (in miles, shown above).


Mon 7/10: – 10k – 1:40:22 10k

I walked a 10k! Hey, if I can walk a 10k, I can surely sign up for and run one down the line, can’t I? I must say that overall, it went really well, I was a little sore, but not as bad as the one time in my life I ran 6 miles. My only problem this time was that I didn’t drink enough water before heading out. And I didn’t bring any with me. Getting really thirsty and dizzy around km 8 is not a good idea! I was nauseous for two hours after the walk.

Sat 7/13 – 5.03k – 50:00

Walk #5 TM
This was my last walk on the treadmill… But I was getting antsy to complete a 5k that day. So I did add a little bit of running in the mix here and there! The distance above is listed in miles.

Sun 7/14: –5k – ?

photo(1)Yesterday, I joined my friend Stacy and our Team Rainbow Bright to do the Color Run! I hadn’t intended on running the thing, but wanted to throw in a little bit of running here and there. Shawna encouraged us to run through the color! I completed my desire this year to do a Color Run. However, this event is not timed and I forgot to time it myself. So will you let me call it 50 minutes since it was a walk interrupted by a little bit of running?

Total Distance: 42.61km

Total Time: Approximately 7:01:10

Orchid Station 42k



Have you done a Color Run?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences to compare with mine!


Run a 5k with me!


It’s that time of year that many people set New Year’s Resolutions because it’s only natural to want to start fresh at the beginning of a New Year.

Back in September, I created a birthday list of things I wanted to accomplish or incorporate into my life over the next year. One of those things on this list was to run in a Color Run event. I’m excited to announce that yesterday I signed up for the Twin Cities Color Run scheduled for July 14th. (Thank you, Ann!) This is a fun 5k event set up for people of all ages and abilities. You can learn more on their website.

color run

However, one of my top wishlist items is to inspire others to run this year.

Last year, I used the Couch to 5k program in my own effort to start running. By the anniversary of my first 5k, I will have run 12 races in 12 months. If you asked me a year ago if I would do that, I would have laughed and said, “Just let me get through my first 5k!”

The truth is, I’m not fast. I’m still pretty slow. But we all have to start somewhere. The only thing I can do is try to improve my own time each and every time I run.

So why don’t you join me?

I announced in November that I’d love for you to join my on April 21, 2013, in running the Challenge Obesity 5k in St. Paul, Minnesota, around the beautiful Lake Como. It is the event I felt most comfortable doing as a first time runner. Runners, run-walkers and walkers are encouraged. If you aren’t local, please consider signing up for a local event around that time or doing a virtual 5k on your own. It would mean so much to me!

I have just created a team for the Challenge Obesity 5k:

Team Season It Already!

To join us, you can register online here.

When you are registering, be sure to choose: Team Member Registration.

Under the “Select a Team” drop box, choose team: Season It Already!

Team password: seasonitalready (all one word, lowercase)


I have also recently signed up for a new challenge – to do 13 races in 2013. Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness has set this up and has even secured sponsors and prizes! Am I crazy? Maybe. Especially since my sciatica has been giving me grief and I need to ease back a little bit. {Any and all advice regarding running with sciatica is appreciated!}


I will be starting the year off with a couple of virtual races. The first one is honor of the birthday of Katie at Runs for Cookies. A week later, I’m running another virtual race: the Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Virtual Half Marathon and 5K. Funds raised from this event will benefit the United Way of Western Connecticut. That will be an emotional one.

So who’s joining me this year?