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Goodies + Wine?


Subscription Box Saturday: Goodies Edition

Rob and I have declared an UNPLUG DAY today, so this post was obviously pre-written. 😉 Don’t expect to hear from me for another 24 hours…

In my $7 April 2013 Goodies Box, I received…


April 2013 Goodies Box

Look closely, do you see a $50 gift card for WINE? This was very strange to me because there was no mention that they’d be sending this! This month, there was no insert describing the products, only instructions to go online to read about the items in the box. What’s more is that this is the same gift card that came in my Girls Night In Cravebox this month, too! I’ll be reviewing all of that wine separately when it arrives. 😉

As a Goodies Box member, I can earn rewards when I:

  • Rate items in my box. (Bot all boxes are the same!)
  • Write reviews of the items.
  • Upload photos with my reviews.

I personally like to take photos of the back of the product where you can find the nutrition facts and ingredients. Those are sometimes hard to find online and it’s what intrigues me most about new products.

When reviewing items, they used to ask the following question:

In a perfect world*, would you eat this?

* like if calories didn’t matter
Always? Sometimes? Never again?

However, I noticed that this month, that has changed to:

Would you buy this product?*

Yes ~ Maybe ~ No

* like if calories didn’t matter

Here are my thoughts on the items from the April 2013 Box:

Celsius Sparkling Orange Drink

(This drink claims to “energize, boost metabolism and help burn calories.”)


This drink tastes like an energy drink, maybe slightly better, but I don’t drink them. But you might like it if you do! A good alternative to diet soda, perhaps.

Rating? 3/5 ~ Buy Again? No


Green Giant  Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips

Goodies-Sweet Potato Chips

I’m not a huge sweet potato fan, but I liked the thin chip and light flavor of these!

Rating? 3/5 ~ Buy Again? Maybe


Olomomo Nuts – Chai Bliss Almonds


Ingredients & Nutrition Facts were not listed on this packaging.

I love flavored almonds and I had not yet had Chai ones. I’m starting to get into sweeter over savory nuts!

Rating? 4/5 ~ Buy Again? Maybe


True Bar – Fruit & Nut Bar


Sort of reminds me of a Larabar


Like many other fruit and nut bars, but a little sweeter. Notice how brown rice syrup is the first ingredient? I’m not sure what that is, anyway.

Rating? 3/5 ~ Buy Again? Maybe


Angie’s Popcorn – Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn

I’ve had Angies Kettlecorn before and it’s the closest thing that you will get to real fair-style kettlecorn, only pre-packaged. I know people who are hooked! Check out the ingredients – pretty minimal.

Rating? 4/5 ~ Buy Again? Yes


Zone Perfect – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar


I’ve had a few Zone Bars before and while they don’t taste much different from other protein bars, this one really tasted like cookie dough! My only concern is the ingredients. You might not be able to read all of them, but look at all of them! I’ll eat these when they come in my subscription boxes, but I don’t think I’ll ever buy them. There are just better choices out there.

Rating? 3/5 ~ Buy Again? No


Do you schedule a day to unplug?

How does it work for you?

What are the “rules”?

What do you choose to do on those days?

Happy Saturday!