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SBS: New Year New You Goodies


This Subscription Box Saturday, let’s talk about the January 2013 Goodies I received. I love my Goodies box because I generally receive around five to eight new snacks to try for only $7 (shipping is free). It’s a steal. I’ve loved almost every box. This one was my least favorite and I’m sad that this was the first box a lot of people got as I recommended Christmas gifts. No worries, it wasn’t a bad box. Just not my favorite.

Goodies New Year

I did like the concept of the first Goodies box of the new year…

You might think that the reason why I wasn’t a fan of the box was that they focused on healthier treats or what they call “sensible foods” to help “fulfill those healthy lifestyle resolutions” in the New Year, but that really isn’t it. I feel like my Love with Food boxes do that every month and nearly always love the contents.


January 2013 Goodies Box Contents

Goodies encourages you to write reviews of the products on their website. You can rate the snack out of 5 scale rating. Then you answer the following question

In a perfect world*, would you eat this?

* like if calories didn’t matter
Always? Sometimes? Never again?

After trying these goodies, here are the reviews I posted on their website:

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar – Stone Ground Whole Wheat Raspberry – 3/5 ~ Never again.

I didn’t hate it. I just wouldn’t make the effort to purchase these. And if I were in a pinch and saw it on a shelf with other similar options, I’d probably choose the other. Sure, this tasted like a fig bar made with whole wheat ingredients. I really couldn’t taste the raspberry, though. It was fine, but it just did not “wow” me. I only chose that I’d eat this “never again” because I wouldn’t seek it out. Not worth the 220 calories, in my opinion.

Wild Garden Traditional Hummus & Pita Chips – 2/5 – Never again

For only 200 calories, I was really looking forward to this afternoon snack at work! I did find it strange that the hummus “dip” need not be opened until after opening. I tried one of the pita chips and they were flavorless and very disappointing. I didn’t like the hummus dip either and I *love* hummus! This was the first subscription box snack ever that I couldn’t finish. I did throw this one away. Sorry! 😦

Skeeter Snacks Cookie – Chocolate 3 – 4/5 ~ Sometimes

I tried a Skeeter Chocolate Chunk cookie in my November Love with Food box and liked them a lot. I mean – Cookie? chocolate? And now – chocolate 3 times? Done. These aren’t soft cookies, but still quite yummy. Two come in a pack for 190 calories. I had them with coffee. 😉 This is the perfect cookie for those allergic to tree nuts. They never put nuts in their cookies and they don’t have any in their facility to come into contact with them either.

Go Nola Blueberry Wave Granola – 3/5 ~ Sometimes

I like my granola as cereal – with milk or maybe even yogurt. I emptied the packet into a bowl and there was barely any there! I looked at the package – it was only a quarter of a cup. I guess it maybe should have been opened as a snack only. However, the pieces were so small that I can’t imagine picking them up with my fingers. Good ingredients and the flavor was good overall. I just wanted more of it. But I guess a 1/2 cup of that would have meant a lot more calories, too.

Flamous Brand Organic Falafel Chips – Spicy – 3/5 ~ Sometimes

I love what this company stands for with ZERO gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, trans fat, cholesterol, msg, gmo, hydrogenated oil, preservatives, nor artificial colors or flavors. The falafel flavor was good, but the flavor of the spice was more warming than spicy. Nice with 3 g of fiber and 3 g protein, which is pretty good for a chip.

Stretch Island Fruit – Cherry Berry Fruit Chews – 3/5 ~ Never again

If you like fruit snacks, these’ll be for you. They just aren’t something I tend to buy. And these didn’t change my mind. The ingredients include: pple puree concentrate, cherry puree concentrate, orange juice concentrate (concentrated orange juice, orange pulp, orange oil), natural flavor. Maybe it’s a better alternative for your kids if they eat fruit snacks similar to this?

Cascal Soft Drink – Berry Cassis – 3/5 – Never again

I was excited to try this flavor! I need to read up on what “fermented soda” is. The insert card just says, “The benefits of a fermented drink have been known to include detoxification and boosting energy levels.” I do know that regular energy drinks are not healthy. However, I do enjoy an Archer Farms Sugar Free Raspberry or Cherry Citrus beverage from time to time. And to me, those flavors are much better than the berry cassis I tried here.

Oh well, it was only $7 to try something new. I’m sure next month will be better! I always love to see what themes they put together.

And in case you are curious, these are the Goodies I received in 2012:

December 2012 – Naughty or Nice!

November 2012 – Entertaining Made Simple

October 2012 – My First Box!

What is your favorite healthy, packaged goodie?


Love with Food – October 2012


I love getting my Love with Food box every month. There are always new snacks to try, most of which I’ve never heard of and would have never known about otherwise! It’s only $10 per month (+$2 shipping). Furthermore, Love with Food donates a meal to a hungry child for each box shipped.

That’s a win-win in my book.

This month, I decided to wait until I tried most of the products {rather than just announce that the box was received and the contents} so that I could review them for you. I’m not sure if I’ll do this in the future, unless feedback indicates you’d like me to do so.

Warning: This post won’t win any points for being concise.

This month’s Love with Food box theme:

Okay, it’s a little late to get a “jump start” on the school year, but these school yard snacks looked yummy, just the same. And whether you have kids or not {I don’t}, you’ll still enjoy them. Here were my thoughts:

Cranberry Orange Cookie from Natasha’s Health Nut Cookies

  • The flavor was of this cookie nice, but I wouldn’t say it was very cookie-like, other than the round shape.
  • The texture was more like a muffin top, softer even.
  • I liked it enough to finish it, but I’m still more fond of the cookies that arrived in my Love with Food Travelin’ Treats box!
  • I was surprised, however, that just one of these gluten-free cookies packed 2 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.


Organic Pu-erh Tea from Numi

Wow! A 7-pack sampler? Talk about perfect timing with me coming down with a cold and all… There’s just something about tea that is comforting to me when I get a sore throat or stuffy.

Day 1 of my cold – sore throat

I tried the Emperor’s Pu-erh first, steeping it for five minutes. I like my tea on the stronger-longer steeping side. What threw me off was the aroma – it smelled a little fishy! Weird! I added honey and it diluted that fishiness a bit, but not completely. I don’t think I finished it.

The next one I tried was the Jasmine. I love jasmine tea, so I was looking forward to this one. I could smell the jasmine as it was steeping. When I tasted the tea, it still had that faint fishiness I found in the Emperor’s Tea. It didn’t really bother me, though I wonder if I would have even noticed it if I hadn’t been looking for it.

Day 2 of my cold – stuffed in the head

I wanted to try the Cardamom. This tea bag smelled so good even before steeping and I couldn’t wait to try it. But my first whiff after steeping – that fishy aroma. Ugh. I’m starting to wonder if it has anything to do with this the natural tea bags.

But what really surprised me was the Chocolate flavor. Chocolate tea? It just sounded disgusting. But it was my favorite of the pack! The other flavors I received were Ginger and Basil Mint.

Let’s just say every packet had a hand in trying to rid me of this cold. I don’t remember the last time I drank so much tea in one week. Not even in Ireland.


Blackberry Blossom Honey Straws from Nature’s Kick

I love that Love with Foodputs items in the box not only that follow the theme, but also may pair together!

  • They did this with Almond Butter and Muscat Grape Jelly last month.
  • The month prior to that, they did this with Skinny Dipping Pretzels and Key Lime Ginger Mustard.
  • This month’s honey straws are perfect for stirring into the Numi Teas we received.
  • Just clip the ends and use as a straw or stir stick!
  • We received three of them in our box and they were perfect to bring to work.


Mountain Mambo Mix from Enjoy Life Foods

  • This was a nice handy snack to have on the go.
  • The mix is made without the 8 most common allergens.
  • That makes it a great alternative to have around, especially for kids.
  • It tasted good, but I honestly kind of missed having nuts.
  • Still, this one serving packed 9 grams of sugar. I guess that’s still better than some of the protein bars I eat!


Applesauce from GoGo SqueeZ

  • Most of the items I’ve tried through Love with Food, I’ve never heard of before.
  • However, I’d seen these somewhere -maybe in the store or in a commercial?
  • The picture in my mind was of a kid in a carseat sucking on one of these.
  • And I think that’s what they are meant for – an easy, healthy snack for kids that isn’t so messy.
  • Now, instead, picture a grown-up (me) enjoying this thing in my car out of the pouch because I hadn’t had time to eat lunch quite yet.
  • That’s exactly what I did. Proof that hey are not just for kids!
  • Made with apples and apple juice concentrate. That’s it.


All-Natural Cheddar Cheese Baked Fries from Snikiddy

  • I had to save these for my husband because he is the ultimate chip guru.
  • I tried a few and thought they had great crunch and a nice cheddar flavor.
  • They tasted great for a baked snack, but I wasn’t wowed.
  • Then, I checked with hubby to see if my assessment matched his.
  • Yes, he had no problem finishing off the bag, but he said he wouldn’t hunt them down and order a case of them online {something he has done before!}


Açai  Strawberry Sesame Strips from Mrs. Mays Naturals

  • I was so excited to try this snack!
  • I have a grand love for sesame seeds. If I’m eating a burger, I prefer it on a sesame seed bun. {Well, except on the rare occasion pretzel buns are available.} Sesame Seed bagels are a favorite of mine, especially when my mom makes egg-bagel sandwiches!
  • I was curious to try the sweet with the sesame.
  • I brought one to work as a snack, thinking I’d have it at the end of the day before my scheduled post-work run. Nope – it didn’t make it past 10 am.
  • I loved the taste and texture of the sesame seeds along with the fruit which gave it that hint of sweetness! Who knew this would be an excellent pairing? It’s got me thinking to put a little jam and sesame seeds into some morning oatmeal… Hmmm…

If you are interested in checking out Love with Food, just click here. I’m not gonna hide it, I do earn points for referrals and giving feedback on their website. {You can, too.} But I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t enjoy myself. And what do you have to lose? If you try it for one month, you just gave a meal to a hungry child.

Another great part about the Love with Food box? I’ve used the emptied mini-jars from previous boxes to bring dressings to work!


Benny just had to find his way into another picture!

What are your favorite on-the-go snacks?