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Restaurant Volley {A Game}


I just had to write about our this new game since Rob recently stated…

“That’s really something you’ve done to add value to our relationship!”

Wait, what?!

In all seriousness {or maybe none at all?}, Restaurant Volley is something I created when Rob and I were having trouble figuring out where to dine on a night when we needed to stay close to home. It has since been used on nights when we Just. Couldn’t. Decide.

How it works:

  1. Someone throws out a restaurant name.
  2. If the second person doesn’t want to dine there, they throw out another restaurant name.
  3. The game continues back and forth until a restaurant is agreed upon.

Unofficial Rules:

We did not really create rules for this game. They are just understood and were developed over time.

  • Any restaurant can be named despite location {as long as it is in the Twin Cities metro!}, price point and cuisine.
  • If the second person agrees on the restaurant, the first person is allowed to retract.
  • At any point, a restaurant can be revisited, because… “Now That I Think More About It…”


  • I’m indecisive. This helps us make a decision without Rob feeling like he always has to be the one to choose.
  • It gets us brainstorming. A restaurant we’ve been meaning to try or haven’t been to in a while may pop in our heads when another restaurant is named. We’re essentially thinking out loud.
  • It narrows down what we are in the mood for, how far we are willing to drive and what we can afford at the moment. {i.e. do they have a great Happy Hour?}
  • It gives us ideas for The Next Time.
  • We both feel like we got to choose or at least have a say.

I’m sure you’ve all done this with a friend or significant other before, but have you made it a game? You could do this with so many things in life, like how to spend a Saturday, what to make for dinner, etc. Believe it or not, it can make decision-making a lot more fun and painless!

What do you do when you can’t make decision on where to dine, what to cook or what to do?