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BarkBox – A Doggie Subscription Box


After Sophie Jean was so excited watching me open my second ever Love with Food box {her excitement is apparent in the photos.}, I jumped at the opportunity to try a Subscription Box for Dogs at half-price for six months!

Enrolling is simple:

  1. Choose your dog size
  2. Choose your plan (monthly, 6 months, 12 months)
  3. Get a BarkBox!

The arrival of The Box

Seriously, with their superpower doggie noses, both Benny and Sophie were sniffing this box like crazy. Sophie was climbing all over me with curly toes {read: excited toenails digging into me} and a sniffer that just wouldn’t quit.

I think they got as excited as I get over my Love with Food and Birchbox deliveries!

We opened the box to find this selection of goodies.

The Lineup: A closer look at the contents

It was after doggy dinner, so I started out by giving the pooches the sample of Whole Life Freeze-Dried Fresh Pure Chicken. They gobbled it up. But really, there isn’t much that they don’t gobble up. I’m just happy that this is a healthy snack made with just one ingredient: CHICKEN. It’s something I can feel good about giving my dogs. There was another Whole Life product in the box – a full-size bag of Organic Sweet Potato Dog TreatsAgain, just one ingredient. I’m sure the dogs will love these, too.

There were also three samples of Zukes Z-Bones Natural Edible Dental Chews. The flavors we received were:

  • Clean Carrot Crunch
  • Clean Apple Crisp
  • Clean Cherry Berry

Since they had already eaten dinner, it was time for dessert and teeth cleaning after all. I offered up the Apple Crisp and Cherry Berry to Sophie and she chose the cherry. {Yes, the spoiled dog got to choose.} Benny enjoyed the apple one.

Shaggy Sophie enjoying her Cherry Berry Dental Chew

But what really surprised me was how crazy Sophie was going over this chew toy the moment I picked it up:

West Paw Zogoflex Mini Hurley Chew Toy

This toy is eco-friendly, guaranteed to be indestructible, non-toxic and dishwasher safe. What’s more is that it floats! Our dogs love to swim, so it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll fetch it at the lake next summer.

Other items that arrived in the box include W.A.G. Bath Wipes for Dogs and a Barkworthies Angus Power Bar, a dog chew made with “grass-fed Angus Beef with no hormones, antibiotics, steroids or smoking agents”.

But what I really love is that each month BarkBox chooses a shelter to sponsor.

From their website:

There are approximately 7 million animals entering shelters every year and we’re dedicated to keeping them happy, healthy and safe until they find a new home. Each month you’ll hear about a shelter we’re sponsoring and how BarkBox is supporting their efforts. We’ll also make sure to tell you about our esteemed doggy product testers too!

Being that both Sophie and Benny are both rescue dogs, we’re happy to know that while the Barkbox starts at just $17 per month, a portion goes to help supporting a rescue group.

Interested in BarkBox? To learn more or get started, click here. I’ll be posting my the dogs’ goodies throughout my trial subscription.

What is your favorite pet product (treat or otherwise) and why?